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FxPro Skóre recenzí

Celkové skóre: 3.9 / 5

Celkový počet hlasů: 463
Zákaznický servis
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Dec 02 at 14:02
1 příspěvků
I’m happy to trade here because every day I discover new opportunities. I opened a Metatrader 4 account with fixed spreads on majors here because I found it the most optimal for my needs. Fixed spreads on majors really help to trade these popular assets during news releases because high volatility can eat up your nerves. Moreover, MT supports cryptos. I first wanted to trade on cTrader but finally opted for a Metatrader 4 account because it supports cryptos. By the way, the broker has recently added a lot of new coins and in my eyes it was the final argument in favor of this broker.

Dec 01 at 12:06
1 příspěvků
It is probably the most recognizable broker in the world with many in-house development and analytics structures. It's not scary to trade with this broker, because there's no cheating, the broker has enough money, it sponsors many events.

Nov 29 at 06:48
6 příspěvků
I think that I need more time to explore this brokerage company. It’s because this broker is too versatile for me. I mean its choice of trading platforms and accounts. Up to six trading accounts - that’s probably too much for me. However, it was just the first impression when you see something unusual. Then, I pondered over it a bit more and decided to open a cTrader account and a Metatrader 4 account with market execution. I should add that a cTrader account also comes with market execution. On Metatrader 4 I trade as usual. I manually trade currencies, indices and metals. As for the cTrader account, here I plan to practice algotrading. However, I don’t know much about cBots but I explore the subject with great interest.

Nov 28 at 06:21
3 příspěvků
Can you name a broker that is trusted by traders all over the world? I think many people would definitely name fxpro broker. I have heard positive and negative reviews about different brokers, but I have never heard anything negative about this broker. Here you can open an account with both fixed and floating spreads, trade in a desktop version or with a mobile app. There are a large number of assets to trade, several trading platforms, and excellent order execution speed.

Nov 24 at 05:26
19 příspěvků
I started trading with a broker FxPro becaus there are a lot of good reviews about this company and I decided to check if this is true.
At first, of cours, I opened a demo account to test the capabilities of the trading platform and I was immediately surprised becaus there are several trading platforms. I decided to choos MT4 becaus it is the most popular software for thos who trade on the Forex market.

Nov 23 at 09:57
4 příspěvků
The execution of orders is specially delayed.

Remember the Lord your God, for He gives you power to get wealth ..
Nov 21 at 05:19
17 příspěvků
Three months of trading here gave me a mostly positive experience. I trade on a Metatrader 4 account with fixed spreads on majors. I like the execution here and I don’t have withdrawal issues with the broker.
For the last time I have become interested in algotrading. So, I have a question. Do I need special programming skills to use FxPro Quant to create robots?

Nov 17 at 12:09
1 příspěvků
I learned about this broker from fxpro reviews. I remember that the broker surprised me with a rich choice of trading accounts. As for the number of trading platforms supported, it impressed me less because except for the broker’s custom product FxPro Edge by the time I came to their site I had been already familiar with other platforms, namely Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, and cTrader.
I opened two trading accounts with this brokerage company. The first account was Metatader 4 with fixed spreads on major currency pairs. The reason was to try night trading with fixed spreads and the fact that Metatrader 4 supports some rare custom indicators.
The reason to open a cTrader account was this platform. It’s very suitable for news trading due to a rationally positioned news section and I also like the depth of the market feature.

Nov 15 at 17:27
1 příspěvků
I decided to try a new direction for myself and to study forex trading. I chose a brokerage company and started to check their documents, everything turned out to be all right. I asked my acquaintances who had started with FxPro company. I also studied the reviews and after that I opened an account. The amount of money for the start can be absolutely any size, it is not necessary to have a lot of money right away. Also, I realized that I had to practice and in order to do that I opened a demo account. Of course, it took some time to thoroughly study and learn everything. After a few months I got small results and my first profit. I am very happy for myself.

Nov 12 at 16:47
1 příspěvků
I often think that I made the right decision when I opened an FxPro account. Many people advised me this broker because there is good regulation (more than one) and good trading conditions. For example, you can use the trading platform cTrader. They say that this is the most modern trading software. I want to know what are the advantages of this software?

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