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Fondex Skóre recenzí

Celkové skóre: 4.6 / 5

Celkový počet hlasů: 75
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Oct 29 at 05:41
14 příspěvků
I generally like brokers that offer trading on the ctrader trading platform. Fondex is one of those brokers, and its trading conditions are very good.
A lot of people are used to Metatrader, simply because they are used to doing it. Ctrader is much better, just try it. But still, to begin with, I advise you to create a demo account, get into the work, see what's what and just to get to know the program. Remember, you have to be smart and not greedy, otherwise you'll get nervous.

Oct 17 at 06:09
13 příspěvků
I like that there are opportunities to make money online. One of the most interesting and profitable ways is of course CFD trading.
People are now becoming more open minds to new opportunities and therefore companies like Fondex are emerging.
This is a broker that at first glance looks like hundreds of others, but .. There is a very convenient trading platform called cTrader. This software has many advantages and therefore new and professional traders around the world are starting to choose this particular software. There are several reasons:
- user-friendly and beautiful interface (for some traders this is really important);
- the ability to open a pending order on a weekend;
- more than 50 indicators of technical analysis;
- the depth of market, which shows the general dynamics of the market at the moment.
This is not a complete list of the advantages of this trading platform, and I think that the most important thing is that the functionality of this software is created so that the broker cannot influence the values ​​of quotes and cannot be the other side in your trades. This means that the trader has 100% market execution on his orders.

Oct 09 at 04:44
19 příspěvků
When I was registering with this broker, I didn’t expect anything special from it. All I wanted to do is to trade with a reliable broker. However, once I dug deep into cTrader, it turned out that it has many features I haven’t tried before.
In particular, I’m interested in the depth of the market feature and cBtots. I’m currently studying materials on these features to learn how to use them.

Oct 05 at 06:33
6 příspěvků
I have been trading here not very long ago, but I like everything. Fondex broker has a novelty among the trading software that I really like. This is the cTrader trading platform. With this, you can do higher quality technical analysis, which is very important in CFD trading.

Sep 28 at 05:07
20 příspěvků
I know how hard it is to find the broker which will offer you good trading conditions for ctrader platform, but I managed to do it. Fondex offers really good spreads to ctraders. For example, the spreads on btcusd starts from $3 and there are no additional charges. If you use leverage in your trading, fondex offers 1:500 leverage, but I personally don't trade with it because it is too risky for me.

Sep 16 at 17:04
1 příspěvků
When it comes to assessing the trustworthiness of any brokerage company, many people have the only one criterion. That’s the availability of a license issued by a regulator. Respectively, a licensed broker is considered to be reliable. Formally, that’s true. However, there may be other things that many people overlook, but these things can make brokers even more reliable. I’m talking about trading platforms.
Many people underestimate the whole importance of trading platforms. They think that these just tools with basic functionality. To some extent, they are right, but they forget that some platforms are vulnerable, thus giving freedom for manipulations. Don’t you know that well-known Metatraders are not protected and they allow brokers to trade on behalf of their clients.
That’s impossible on cTrader because this platform excludes any intrusion. Respectively, if a broker offers this platform, it’s genuine even if it doesn’t have a license. I heard that cTrader is protected because it’s created on the programming language different from that one used for many other platforms, including MTs.
However, I can’t say that I stuck with Fondex solely because of cTrader. I also appreciate their trading conditions, in particular, the possibility to trade indices and cryptos without commission.

Sep 10 at 14:00
1 příspěvků
I know that Fondex is a broker that provides excellent trading conditions. Spreads here are low or 0. Especially in USD or Bitcoin trading. In addition, I think that the main advantage is the cTrader trading platform. You probably know about this.
I want to say that it is really convenient for me to use it. It is especially good to do technical analysis here. As you all know, your trade depends on technical analysis and if it is done at the highest level and you have a good forecast then your money is waiting for you)

Sep 04 at 14:58
1 příspěvků
Trading conditions for ctrader are really lucrative. Is is really hard to find acceptable trading conditions if you prefer using ctrader as your trading platform, however, fondex is very loyal to those who trade with ctrader. Not only the spreads are low (in some of the cases can be just 0 pips), there are no commissions and many trading strategies and approaches are welcomed here including scalpers and algotraders.

Sep 03 at 20:10
14 příspěvků
I registered my account 1.5 years ago. I am completely satisfied with the conditions of the fondex, I use swing trading when trading stocks, which is supported by a broker and I earn more than $ 3000 per month.

Aug 30 at 18:47
1 příspěvků
Fondex has become the broker that many traders are looking for. Do you know why? Because Fondex is a 100% honest broker that will not trade against you or interfere with your trading results. I'll explain now. This is all because there is one trading platform .. this is the cTrader platform. The most important feature of this trading platform is that there are no 'virtual dealer' plugins. This means that the trader gets 100% market execution of his orders.
I think this is very important for all traders to know.

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