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TeleTRADE Skóre recenzí

Celkové skóre: 4.0 / 5

Celkový počet hlasů: 51
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Jun 28 at 11:05
14 příspěvků
I, like many other traders, found out about this broker from TeleTrade reviews that were published on the forums.
I can say that it did not interest me immediately because I thought there were not many assets - but then I studied it in more detail and realised it had everything I needed. So I can definitely build up a permanent investment portfolio that I can use for a long time. I was particularly attracted to the commodities and stocks segment.
Another thing that I definitely liked is definitely low spreads, which start here on currency pairs from 1 pip or even lower - it is of course very profitable, especially if you are working with small capital. So you can stick with high dynamics and still provide a steady increase in profits, but don't increase your risks without a pressing reason. This provides stability and confidence in TeleTrade.

Jun 10 at 13:32
13 příspěvků
It is good that they have turned their attention not only to US stocks, but also to European ones - it gives new opportunities.
And the video lessons here are thematically very informative...

May 17 at 21:22
20 příspěvků
I agree with you that TeleTrade in many ways attracts traders precisely because the service is so well organised here and it really offers different formats and even full training if you haven't had normal experience yet.
I also like synchronous trading and although I haven't tried it out yet, I'm sure it has some potential. But what interested me most was the low variable spreads and the normal leverage range. Agree that 1:500 gives much more potential than 1:100 or 1:200.

May 10 at 14:35
16 příspěvků
KhoiDam posted:
What's the deal with these bonus points? Has everyone figured out how this can be applied to work here or what?

In fact, it's not as complicated as it seems at first sight. When you get bonus points - you can add them to your deposit and use them for direct trading accordingly. And then you can withdraw it as part of your profit and use it freely in any way you like. This is generally an interesting move. We are all used to standard bonuses, but bonus points are something extremely special.

Apr 24 at 13:22
13 příspěvků
The leverage provided here is normal - 1:500 - which is enough for almost any strategy.
It is good that they have retained access to pending orders.

Apr 19 at 14:28
12 příspěvků
At first glance, this company seemed quite familiar to me.
And mt and demo and social trading are all found in many brokerage services.
But once you've spent some time here, you realise that it's not so simple and primitive.
After all, TeleTrade provides educational trading opportunities in the first place. And in doing so, in formats that are aimed at both newcomers and experienced traders.
The only drawback for some traders here is the lack of fixed spreads. But in general, even if you're occasionally wrong with the calculations - here it will have less consequences, because the regular spreads here start at just 0.2 pips - more than affordable.

Apr 08 at 16:15
19 příspěvků
What's the deal with these bonus points? Has everyone figured out how this can be applied to work here or what?

Mar 29 at 12:10
27 příspěvků
It seems to me that the educational resources here are still not bad - there is both technical analysis and fundamental analysis, and cryptocurrency techniques are not forgotten...

Mar 24 at 11:13
25 příspěvků
Yup, well of course it is, it's practically a banking approach - if you keep an amount in your account throughout the year that matches your vip status - you get 10% to 15% cashback per year for that!
That looks impressive!

Mar 13 at 12:39
11 příspěvků
In fact, the pros and cons can be argued for a long time.
But I personally think that the mobile app and the fact that traders can get some extra income - cashback, bonuses, bonus points, etc. - have been worked out well here.
I think it's based purely on general data and it would be good to add some more specifics to make it useful for traders with more experience, that would be cool to be honest.

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