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cTrader Skóre recenzí

Celkové skóre: 3.9 / 5

Celkový počet hlasů: 222
Jednoduchost použití
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Aug 31 at 15:20
1 příspěvků
The company that creates the cTrader platform decided to become a competitor to Metatrader. I don't know if it will work out or not, but I will honestly say that cTrader is not a bad trading platform.

Aug 25 at 18:35
1 příspěvků
It seems to me that it’s much easier to use than Metatrader and it’s no less functional than the legendary MT platform. I also heard that cTrader supports custom indicators but I haven’t tried them yet. If I like them it will be the last argument in favor of cTrader, at least in my eyes.

Aug 24 at 20:41
1 příspěvků
A reasonable alternative to the most common trading platforms appeared on the horizon. Finally, I have found a genuine platform for multiple trading approaches. The software has a bunch of useful features for manual trading, market research, algorithmic trading and copy-trade solutions. I like the intuitive and adjustable workspace. Charting tools are quite accurate, while the number of technical indicators is large.

Aug 15 at 04:56
10 příspěvků
The cTrader platform has many positive features. For example, it provides the ability to configure the trading parameters can be in one click: double them or turn them off. In the transactions window it is possible to set the default value slippage and add SL, TS, TP options in automatic mode. Orders are processed in seconds and several trades can be opened simultaneously, which also saves time.

Aug 07 at 16:52
5 příspěvků
Positions on cTrader can be opened in all windows of the platform, including charts. Orders are executed instantly, so price slippage is minimal. Cloud computing (cloud technology) and the location of servers on the same site as the liquidity providers also contribute to an increase in the speed of order execution. As in Metatrader you can write your own Expert Advisors, but instead of Expert Advisors cBots are used here that are written in C# in Visual Studio.

Aug 03 at 22:05
6 příspěvků
I like this platform more than any other I have tried. The developer did a good job to make its creation as user-friendly as possible without sacrificing functionality. I like the possibility to reverse a trade in a dangerous market situation. I already got used to this feature and don’t know how I could do without it.

Jul 23 at 22:28
2 příspěvků
This is a feature-rich software for trading. I can trade quickly thanks to adjustable hotkeys, I can see major events happening in the fundamental side of the market, as well as analyse charts using technical analysis tools.

Jul 14 at 12:34
6 příspěvků
This platform seems promising. At least for a week of testing this platform I have discovered more pros than cons. I’m currently exploring its depth of the market feature. I want to learn how to use it properly.
As of now I can say that it’s beneficial for intensive trading. For example, the availability of the reverse feature allows to trade on news with great flexibility. If you expect a pullback and then a move in the opposite direction, just reverse it, earn on the pullback, close it and then open it in the direction of the main move. You can do it in a couple of clicks, which is very convenient.

Jul 06 at 18:40
5 příspěvků
I would like to mention a large number of services provided by cTrader. I am very glad that I was able to discover this trading platform. The platform has some great features, such as the ability to open pending orders when the market is closed. There is also the ability to partially close a position. These features are not available in Metatrader. But one of the most important advantages is that all actions performed by brokers through the ctrader terminal cannot be deleted from the history. This eliminates the possibility of machinations of brokers working with this trading platform and gives additional security guarantees to the trader.
Automated trading system using cAlgo allows you to close positions with an optimal speed, protecting the trader from significant financial losses. It would be desirable for the company to keep working in such a mode and only improving the quality of services.

Jul 01 at 16:52
25 příspěvků
The ctrader platform is a great alternative to existing apps in forex and cfd trading. Visual comprehension of the most necessary blocks is very intuitive. THe software displays additional information sections if needed. For example, I can see the margin requirement and the cost of pip depending on the lot size I choose.

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