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MetaTrader 4 Skóre recenzí

Celkové skóre: 3.5 / 5

Celkový počet hlasů: 189
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MetaTrader 4 diskuse

4 příspěvků
the best forex platform, thanks!
10 příspěvků
MT4 has got millions of retail traders among its clients. This is a real dinasour of a forex-trading in many senses and it opened the gates to financial markets to many of us, which we are all grateful for, no doubt. I understand why so many people still use it.
Nevertheless, I wish more people tried some alternative solutions, i.e Ctrader. In terms of functionality both platforms offer excellent sets of tools and technically they are close to perfection.
However, there is a point worth mentioning.
I really like the motto of Ctrader, which says the company stands on traders' side. I can see that by how the transparency of orders executions is guaranteed here. If the broker manually edits the order, the trader will be able to know that and there is no way to hide this for any broker that supports Ctrader. That's why I wish MT has a closer look at the problem similarly to its competitor and took some actions to guarantee fair executions and safe environment for retail clients.
14 příspěvků
118 příspěvků
@JonasWesstrom why you say? Say that to all of the millions of users. It's simple enough. It executes your trades without any problem. EA trading is also the good. You don't need any other fancy platform to trade. The built-ins are already good enough.
Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.
3 příspěvků
I dont know why anybody would use this. Ctrader is superior in every way.
6 příspěvků
Meta Trader 4 is the most basic platform supporting all the major indicators. I started trading without any training and MT4 helped me to learn most of the things on my own. I like it for its simplicity in working.
9 příspěvků
MT4 is best platform and I will definitely not change it for MT5
5 příspěvků
Always my favorite platform will be MT4, I hope MetaQuotes never turns it off😁
2 příspěvků
FXCM and other brokers who offer this platform and find themselves losing in USA courts. They cheat the customer, they hide information and data that is not even visible by the customer. I programmed over a decade in MT4. What a waste of time - due to dishonesty. It is made to make the customer lose. I had my broker call me once on a real trade and told me that the price was in fact something else - they offered me some of money that I lost back - however I always lost. And I am a very experienced programmer.
4 příspěvků
My favorite platform and I hope it will always be active:)
1 příspěvků
Honestly, MT4 may not be perfect but we don't much choice. Besides, it is supported by almost any broker and thus convenient for trader who wants to change from one broker to another without having the headache to rewrite the EA again. I personally like the FXCM TSII platform but the as a broker FXCM is no longer popular especially after they are banned by the US Authority to operate in the United States.
4 příspěvků
Simply the best in my books😳
16 příspěvků
MT4 is not easy to use for the beginner but once you get used to it then it is OK. Obviously the ability to write and use EAs is the main draw
52 příspěvků
I use MT4 only and I am happy with it. Not the easiest one to learn from the very beginning but once you get a good understanding, it becomes natural. No issues with my broker also on MT4. I like the diversity of the tools and indicators built and available for MT4.
45 příspěvků
When it comes to forex trading, MT4 is my favourite choice! A top-notch platform.
74 příspěvků
This is the platform that I first used and kind of got a good grip of. It can slow your PC if overloaded with charts and indicators, but otherwise it is quite strong. No wonder why it is among the most popular in the world! 😄 Also it is supported by many brokers which gives you flexibility when testing.
41 příspěvků
good platform, overall, no major issues, sometimes load not fast if open many charts. maybe this is normal.
64 příspěvků
VickyJones posted:
Disnalevel posted:
me, I don't like mt4 platform, its too amateur, I just don't like the platform.

what do you mean with it's too amateur? Which platform is more professional for you?

Good question 😄
45 příspěvků
Disnalevel posted:
me, I don't like mt4 platform, its too amateur, I just don't like the platform.

what do you mean with it's too amateur? Which platform is more professional for you?
64 příspěvků
I really like that there is plenty of indicators built up as well as extensions that facilitate your trading style. 😄
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