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Money management is extremely important

Jan 29 at 13:39
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Money management is extremely important in trading. By far most of individuals slump in trading since they don't take after incredible money management rules. You can't risk more than 2% of your capital. You can take one trade or a couple but total risk should not outperform 2% of your capital.

Jan 29 at 17:49
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To survive in the market, money management is important. Trader should also follow minimum 1:2 risk reward ratio.

Jan 30 at 09:33
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Yeah, that’s right.
You must know how to manage your money. You should not put up all your money in the market in one go.

Feb 01 at 10:47
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To manage my risk I take after some strick money management rules. Initially I take after 2% cash management run the show. I never open trade woth over 2% of my value. I don't trade ordinary. I just open trade when I get a decent trading set up as per my procedure.

Feb 02 at 07:14
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Yes, that's right, in my opinion, only with risk management can you really trade profitably. As a tip, I use a tool called Pipz for this. Perhaps you've heard of it before, it's really easy to calculate and manage the risk.
If someone is interested:
For me its also important, that you lower your Risk while trading if the Trade is not working like planned and keep your losses small.
Cheers! :)

Feb 02 at 10:18
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there is any different between money and risk management ? i sometimes feel its all about same issue nothing , without it.

Feb 10 at 15:34
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Money management helps 95% of traders to succeed. So every trader should maintain money management.

russellgutierrez (russellgutierrez)
Feb 18 at 04:03
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LeviSievwright5 posted:
Money management helps 95% of traders to succeed. So every trader should maintain money management.

If you don’t want to lose your money, you have to manage it. It is important and it should be done.

Feb 18 at 07:57
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Money management helps you in knowing how much you should trade further so that you don’t end up blowing your account.

Feb 18 at 09:33
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First, you have to do demo trading. In addition to demo trading, you need to do a lot of research on information and market conditions. Properly learn how to manage money and maintain risk rewards. As a new trader, if these strategies are followed properly, successful trading is possible.

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