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Cryptomaster In Handelssysteme bei Cryptomaster88 - vor 51 Minuten
Anyone who writes bad reviews here, first prove that you bought and have a legal Cryptomaster EA (PayPal payment screenshots, trading account).If you bought EA from another person, in this case, write reviews from him.
Favorite financial markets movies and series? In Allgemein bei PatrickDope - 2 Stunden zuvor
In all its manifestations, the financial world provides excellent material for a movie. Tragedy, humour, imagination, tragedy and redemption have all been present in numerous Hollywood movies about finance for years. At the same time, most films portray financial professionals in a negative light, with incredible accounts of excess and risk. I...
How to reduce risks of margin call with small bala... In Neue Trader bei KAnthony - 2 Stunden zuvor
hi all. i'm newbie and dont know many. i prefer say to control my trades. and close if big losees starts.
Broker Recommendation- low slippage brokers In Allgemein bei Piffling - 3 Stunden zuvor
For minimum slippage, make sure to trade with a broker having fast trade execution speed. Brokers like aaafx, xm, and roboforex are good options to consider. But, you should do your own research before selecting any broker.
Successful Trading Rules In Neue Trader bei tigerron - 3 Stunden zuvor
I think we should follow basic rules like using a stop loss when trading. Your stop loss can either be set based on technical, events or based on your analysis.
Does forex strategies usually work> In Allgemein bei tigerron - 3 Stunden zuvor
I think Individual traders must determine the best Forex trading strategy that suits their trading style and risk appetite. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy, one should choose whichever works best for them.
Feeling recently In Neue Trader bei KAnthony - 3 Stunden zuvor
hi. i'm newbie. but i'm agree the words you say. i'd say in forex the same. you've adapted and will be ok.
What could be the next Ethereum? In Krypto bei Eartpuhom - 3 Stunden zuvor
It's hard to predict this, but I have never invested money in such large coins as and Ethereum because they are not growing in price so fast. Accordingly, I am not earning so quickly. However, when investing money in such coins, there is practically no chance that you will lose money. Only now, for some reason, the cr...
What does trading mean to you? In Neue Trader bei KAnthony - 3 Stunden zuvor
hi all. trading still difficult to me. but i understand some new things. and try trading every day more and more.
How many pips a day ? In Neue Trader bei KAnthony - 3 Stunden zuvor
hi all. i'm newbie and starting my trading way. but my pips about 20 a day.
Number One Capital Markets In Broker bei ccharlesflynn - 4 Stunden zuvor
I've been trading with n1cm broker for a few months now and I find that this is a very good broker for forex trading. Aside from low spreads and good leverage, I personally prefer the option to make deposits and withdrawals with bitcoin. I am also a fan of their weekly or monthly bonuses and promotions, which are always nice.
Importance of demo trading In Neue Trader bei Akasuki - 4 Stunden zuvor
If we confined to earning only technical knowledge, it won’t be a good idea for us. So we need to focus on the news trading as well!
Golden Dragon In Handelssysteme bei RichardToronto - 5 Stunden zuvor
Hey @LucanForex ! Go home! You fаke distributor!
Broker Suggestion In Neue Trader bei Baccasa34 - 6 Stunden zuvor
Random opening of a trade won’t give you any profit but comprehending the market condition will. Market condition won’t go well all the time.
Time and pracrtice. In Neue Trader bei Baccasa34 - 6 Stunden zuvor
The holding time of a trade is directly connected to the trading styles! Swing traders need to hold their trading positions for a while; so it’s not a bad option!
I'm new to Forex trading and looking for some ... In Neue Trader bei Baccasa34 - 6 Stunden zuvor
Expected trading result is hard-earned for which we need to fight. We never try to understand the market reality that saddened us ultimately.
Vibrix Group In Handelssysteme bei TorMax - 6 Stunden zuvor
It looks reliable and stable. A long trading history.
EURUSD Short position at 1.03574 In Allgemein bei Mattia Trabucchi - 7 Stunden zuvor
Does anyone think there’s the possibility in the short term to get back down close to 1.03 so I can close that position?Thanks 💪🏻
Forex trading is a work for professional In Neue Trader bei binarysumo22 - 7 Stunden zuvor
I think anyone can trade as long as they study market psychology and learn how to swiftly move to avoid loss. This is achieved through time and patience. Discipline, hard work and proper risk management is what drives you to your goal.
The Money Tree In Handelssysteme bei fmlbfx2010 - 7 Stunden zuvor