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Need Trade Strategy

dandy (njorosolo)
Sep 30 2010 at 08:20
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Hi guys.

I have been trading for about a year now.

I made a loss of quite some cash,and I want to get back to profitability.

I need a serious comeback strategy.

You can view my trade history and current open positions.

Any ideas?


Sep 30 2010 at 19:06
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I have one thing to say, cut your losses.
Why do you keep losning trades open for so long? Do you have an exit strategy for SL and TP?

Martin (ECMartin)
Sep 30 2010 at 23:50
posts 46
I'm sorry to say that, but your strategy was probably NEVER profitable. It only seemed so, but it wasn't.

Systems with the absence of stoploss usually seem profitable for several months, but they are a time bomb just like systems with martingale money management and other insanities.

First off, try to apply a stoploss on your historical data and see if it would remain profitable (I personally doubt that). If yes, bingo, just use a stoploss. If not, you should just start over and find a strategy WITH a stoploss.

A hard thing about business is minding your own.
dandy (njorosolo)
Oct 04 2010 at 06:23
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Thanks PensionsKongen and Martin.

I need to work on the exit strategy and stop loss that you are talking about.

I will review my strategy and see how it pans out.

Thanks guys!

Sir. Williams (wilfredoaa)
Oct 13 2010 at 02:43
posts 82
you always have a stop loss.. even if you don't put one. The stop loss that is always with you is called.. Margin Called and after October 17 for every trader that trades in USA will only trade 50:1 leverage so there is the stop loss. I think the biggest problem is not having a good strategy that enables you to profit even with out the stop loss.

There are some traders out there with some good strategies but my advice is keep loosing and try some new things until you find what gives you success.

Grace is the greatest thing ever!
Oct 13 2010 at 03:49
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There are strategies out there. Like 20 pip daily:

Or do a search for New York open time strategy.

But following them means you'll never develop as an a trader. If I stuck to something like that I'd still be doing 20 pips a day. It's the journey that's important. Not the destination.

This environment is always changing. Unless you know the craft whatever you do will stop working at some point and you won't recognize the change till it's to late.


Oct 13 2010 at 11:05
posts 8
In Forex trading losses will always be there but it is how you manage them. Far too many trades open at the same time for my liking, but may be that works for you. I'd prefer at most two trades open at the same time if I really had to. I always open one trade at a time. I have also noticed that at times you opened some short USDCHF and EURUSD trades at the same time. Interesting to hear what other people think, although they closed in profit I generally tend to avoid that because of the negative correlation between the pairs. Watch the USDPJY and EURJPY, they have nice swings but they can leave you high and dry with poor money management. Sawa sawa mzee?

Forex Rebel Martin (RebelMartin)
Oct 25 2010 at 06:00
posts 13
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victor (rubionfunds)
Oct 25 2010 at 09:22
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i knew some internet marketer would show up😁

winning isnt victory and losing isnt defeat.
Nov 02 2010 at 07:02
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rubionfunds posted:
    i knew some internet marketer would show up😁

You bet. But it is all about common sense and sifting what you think works from smoke screens

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