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FXStabilizer - Turbo_OldUpdateMethod (By fx_skill )

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Sep 16 2015 at 20:11
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is it best to use fxstabilizer EA on a ECN account or normal account?
secondly is it possible to tick both modes to be used on a account( 2 chart) and what is the recommended starting balance if i plan using both modes on a single account?

Sep 18 2015 at 01:58
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EVGENY555 posted:
Hello! is it possible on one account with an adviser FXStabilizer - Turbo to trade other adviser? When adviser FXStabilizer -Turbo does open transactions 30%% from a deposit he considers from balance or from free facilities (equity)?

Здравствуйте! можно на одном счете с советником FXStabilizer - Turbo торговать самому или другим советником? Когда советник FXStabilizer - Turbo открывает сделки 30% от депозита он расчитывает от баланса или от свободных средств(эквити)?

Hello. Yes, you can use other EAs on the same account. If you specify the max risk 30%, it means that the maximum possible equity drawdown, can be not more than 30%.

Sep 18 2015 at 02:01
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tomazxyn posted:
is it best to use fxstabilizer EA on a ECN account or normal account?
secondly is it possible to tick both modes to be used on a account( 2 chart) and what is the recommended starting balance if i plan using both modes on a single account?

Hi! You can trade on any type of account, we prefer normal, but EA works good on any. We don't recommend to use both modes at the same account. If you need more info, please contact us here:

Sep 18 2015 at 02:38
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if on an account is a transaction open by other adviser, as FXStabilizer will open the transaction considers plumb line from free facilities(equity) or from balance of account?
если на счете уже открыта сделка другим советником, как FXStabilizer будет открывать свою сделку расчитывать лот от свободных средств или от баланса счета?

Sep 21 2015 at 06:17
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Look like this EA is a martingale one which open new trades against around 30 pips loss. If the AUDUSD pair keeps trending more than 100pips (sometime this pair can move 200pips in short period ) then the big drawdown can be scary!

There will always some good opportunities , just don't give up
Oct 23 2015 at 16:36
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Mah21 posted:
Nay one bought this please add your review about this EA.

I've been using it since early September on a live account. So far my trades have been consistent with the trades on this account. I'll post another update in the next 6 months.

Nov 12 2015 at 12:58
91 mensajes
Well it looks like the author has stopped updating the account.

After the last deal there were a number of deals opened and closed.

I guess why.

Nov 12 2015 at 16:29
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Nov 13 2015 at 10:26
91 mensajes
Hi Rob,

overrated is not a very specific explanation.

I do operate the EA in real and it has been delivering until last DD. Actually after the DD it has been delivering as well. However if you check the positions after the big loss you will see that vendors went from 30% risk into 100% risk. I am in the market with the EA and two trades ago (not reflected in MyFxbook of the vendor) the trade went very close to SL (because of US employment data). I did not close the deal as my risk was acceptable for me and later the trade close in green. However I believe owners (with a risk exposure of 100%) decided to close the trade manually before recovery and they did not want to show the loss.

It is only a guess and therefore I might be absolutely wrong. However I would appreciate an explanation from the vendor as I am still using the EA (with very good results I should say).

If I am wrong my apologies to the creators of the EA which, by the way, I like a lot.

Nov 14 2015 at 13:44
17 mensajes
Thanks Pablo for your answer. It convinced me that I should tell my experience.
I bought Stabilizer a short time ago, a bit more than one month, easily too short a time. Unfortunately just before the famous loss, but fortunately it was my first trade, I was not sure about the EA and I closed manually the trade for a decent gain (real) and the EA didn’t open any new ones.
The target of this trade (short) was just under a Fibonacci retrace and when I saw that the price bounced back against the level I closed the trade.

I had a copy running on demo and I let it alone: it opened more trades and eventually it had a loss of 50%, that is my setting of risk. Now the demo is on its long way to recover: it is now at 60% (+20%), while my real one is sitting on good gains.

I closed another one early, but then I could see that it is better to let the EA go by itself. The loss was the result of a very very long trend in the US$, that will be repeated sometimes, but I do not think soon.

Surely my last (but one) trade made me tremble a bit, but the final gain was noticeable.

Bottom line, my feeling is that this EA uses a very clever logic to open trades - a classical trend + retrace - and basically I am happy with it.

Wish to best to all.

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