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trading btcusd

Dec 25 2020 at 09:28
posts 19
Hi all, and Merry Christmas

I traded Xauusd with ea and i wanted to put it on btcusd, but margin is very impressive with bitcoin.
Have you advice for a broker (leverage, spread). and what lot, tp is optimized.
Jan 18 2021 at 09:55
posts 22
You can choose to trade with regulated brokers that offer very tight spreads and the commissions are also low with them. All the best.
Feb 12 2021 at 04:30
posts 19
Yes, it is always better to trade with a low spreads broker that has lower commissions. This will allow you to trade better in a proper trading environment.
Mar 02 2021 at 04:23
posts 15
That is a very good idea. I hope you get very good results on this and do share some information about it if you can, thanks.
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