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Обратно к контактам
Dec 25 2020 at 09:28
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Hi all, and Merry Christmas

I traded Xauusd with ea and i wanted to put it on btcusd, but margin is very impressive with bitcoin.
Have you advice for a broker (leverage, spread). and what lot, tp is optimized.

Jan 18 at 09:55
22 комментариев
You can choose to trade with regulated brokers that offer very tight spreads and the commissions are also low with them. All the best.

Feb 12 at 04:30
19 комментариев
Yes, it is always better to trade with a low spreads broker that has lower commissions. This will allow you to trade better in a proper trading environment.

Mar 02 at 04:23
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That is a very good idea. I hope you get very good results on this and do share some information about it if you can, thanks.

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