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The fear of losing opportunity

Jan 18 at 07:45
posts 21
Many traders face the fear of losing opportunity when they are trading the Forex market. Some traders are able to overcome this fear and continue trading, while some traders are not able to overcome the fear of losing the opportunity, and they stop trading.

Jan 18 at 08:13
posts 309
Happens to us all unfortunately, FOMO is one of the things you need to master as a trader. If an opportunity is gone best to sit and wait. This takes discipline which will come in time :)

Jan 18 at 09:32
posts 226
losing trade is an very common issue but we got upset when making losses and trade over and over. at the end of the day lost huge equity.

Jan 18 at 10:13
posts 105
when you are a mature trader then you will take this easily and trade will again with good analysis. i hope you got the point.

Jan 18 at 13:56
posts 801
To avoid this, you must always develop your knowledge. This is important to do in order to be able to get a more positive result.

Jan 19 at 03:22
posts 62
Fear of losing your opportunity pushes you into a deep well

Jan 21 at 05:48
posts 16
This happens with many newbies. After learning, they are eager to apply things in real trading. So, if they see a chance to enter a trade, emotions trigger and they fear that the opportunity may be lost if they wait any longer. Some traders actually earn profits in this situation but most of them lose because the decision made is emotion based and not well calculated.

Jan 21 at 13:27
posts 939
I usually only worry about my trades. I'm afraid to make the wrong decisions.

Jan 21 at 20:15
posts 12
Oh yes, that is one of the most dangerous feelings which can be experienced by a trader. The saddest thing is that it always leads to the losses. That is why a trade should make a trading plan and try to keep everything under control.

Feb 08 at 08:12
posts 28
Fear of missing out or losing an important opportunity is a common issue that affects almost every trader. FOMO stems from overly high expectations. It is a feeling that is most likely triggered when you see a more successful trader or when there's big news or during the period when the market is extremely volatile. All these can heighten the feeling of being left out but if you accept that there will always be another big opportunity, you can overcome this feeling to a great extent.

Feb 08 at 08:28
posts 25
It can happen in forex trading but it is never too late, it's better to observe the market regularly so that you can clearly identify when to place trade and not.

Feb 08 at 12:04
posts 15
Yes it can happen with anyone who trades forex, stock or any other asset. Managing trades can one of the best way to keep note on things and what next to be done to achieve your daily trading goal.

Feb 08 at 14:38
posts 801
It is necessary not to be afraid of this, but to do something so that this does not happen.

Suradi (FXOday)
Feb 08 at 23:08
posts 288
FOMO or fear of missing out is the most disease among traders that lack discipline, usually when traders do this, the end result will get disappointed, but the question is why the fear of missing out is dangerous but they still did it, it is like as waiting for bus and jump when the bus was running.

Feb 21 at 04:26
posts 28
It is not possible for a trader to catch each and every trading opportunity. One needs to be patient and wait. Lack of alertness and discipline are the main reasons for losing any opportunity.
Moveover, a person should have contentment and should not possess any greed for earning more. The trader should remain calm even if he misses any opportunity.

Feb 21 at 14:06
posts 939
In order not to be afraid of this, you just need to work on yourself. Here the logic is clear - the more you work on yourself and your knowledge - the more experience.

Feb 24 at 15:54
posts 32
UweMoench posted:
The fear of losing opportunity is very dangerous. All newbies have this fear. When markets moves a lot in a certain direction, they become restless by thinking they are losing an opportunity of making money. As a result they try to open trade even if their system shows no signal, and they open trade and lose the money.

I basically, verify my entry points by 4-5 ways! And I miss any good entry point, I don’t regret actually because Forex market is so much volatile! On the other hand, I do short term trading! So in a day I open more than 15 trades, so missing any specific opportunity is very usual to me!

Suradi (FXOday)
Feb 24 at 23:29
posts 288
If we already have good habits to avoid the fear of missing out hence will be able to control own selves to make good quality trading entries, we can use pending order to place in specific order price based analysis to getting best price

Feb 25 at 06:21
posts 29
It is very common for a trader to miss out on trading opportunities but the best thing about forex is it never goes out of new trading opportunities.

Mar 19 at 08:08
posts 47
Opportunity can be lost but one should not be dejected for so. If one opportunity goes away, another will come soon and this is Forex. It is a blessing opportunity for all kinds of traders trading here. But traders should be devoid of revenge trading because no revenge on Forex cannot be taken.

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