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The fear of losing opportunity

I går på 07:45
8 inlägg
Many traders face the fear of losing opportunity when they are trading the Forex market. Some traders are able to overcome this fear and continue trading, while some traders are not able to overcome the fear of losing the opportunity, and they stop trading.

I går på 08:13
192 inlägg
Happens to us all unfortunately, FOMO is one of the things you need to master as a trader. If an opportunity is gone best to sit and wait. This takes discipline which will come in time :)

I går på 09:32
177 inlägg
losing trade is an very common issue but we got upset when making losses and trade over and over. at the end of the day lost huge equity.

I går på 10:13
63 inlägg
when you are a mature trader then you will take this easily and trade will again with good analysis. i hope you got the point.

23 timmar sedan
513 inlägg
To avoid this, you must always develop your knowledge. This is important to do in order to be able to get a more positive result.

10 timmar sedan
17 inlägg
Fear of losing your opportunity pushes you into a deep well

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