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10 to 100 (de Sean )

Lutilisateur a rendu sa stratégie privée.

Discussion 10 to 100

FXWolfPack (pressla)
Feb 06 2010 at 12:21
posts 9

is this a scalping EA?

I am interested to buy it.


Sean (Shr1k)
Feb 06 2010 at 13:27
posts 11
Its not an EA just me testing some ideas with a tiny account so emotions are not a factor.

FXWolfPack (pressla)
Feb 06 2010 at 13:37
posts 9

even better - I like your 'ideas' :)

I would make an EA for you if your algorithmn is reproduceable, as it looks.

Feb 06 2010 at 13:45
posts 941
A lot of pairs that to handle manually...

Feb 06 2010 at 19:09
posts 140
You certainly seem to have the right ideas so far and looks like you're going to prove your concept.

ACA FX (elchoco)
Feb 08 2010 at 00:49
posts 5
Great going. Good luck on your 10 to 100. Nice and steady :)

Intricate (tommystery)
Feb 11 2010 at 03:51
posts 2
Very nice... very nice indeed; quite impressive actually.

Sean (Shr1k)
Feb 11 2010 at 22:38
posts 11
ouch !!
I stepped outside my system and money management the past few days. I think I should take the rest of the week off to cool down.

Feb 12 2010 at 00:14
posts 941
Make hay when the sun shines.....

Feb 12 2010 at 20:51
posts 14
Haha, I was competing to get ahead of you on the Main System Page all long this week...!

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