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AGI EA V.1.1_REAL ACCOUNT 1 (de leo23)

Gain : +3234.9%
Drawdown 5.74%
Pips: 21382.4
Transactions 3556
Type: Réel
Levier: 1:100
Trading: Automatisé

Discussion AGI EA V.1.1_REAL ACCOUNT 1

Mar 02 at 08:47
Vues 5,141
72 Replies
Membre depuis Oct 12, 2016   posts 834
May 25 at 06:37
We have done some important updates to our website in last few weeks. For more details about the EA visit our website and please go through the entire FAQ section of our website where we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the system.

Here is the link:

Changes done to the website:
1.We have removed the 'Affiliate Program'
2.Also,we removed the public offering of 'FUND MANAGEMENT' service. Private 'FUND MANAGEMENT' might still be available to selective investors on case to case basis after doing a thorough analysis of investor's risk tolerance levels and monthly return expectations and starting MT4 balance etc. So interested investors can contact our support email '[email protected]'.
3.Also, we have made significant changes to the contents of all pages

I will compile and post all backtesting video links for all 8 pairs of FULL VERSION of the EA in next post.
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Membre depuis Oct 12, 2016   posts 834
May 31 at 06:29
Quick Update:
The IC Markets DEMO account in which we are running the FULL VERSION of the algo is showing continuous broker server disconnection issues. Due to this a lot of trades around 100 or more trades failed to copy to the account till and so the results will not be reliable for now until we fix the problem.

Broker server disconnection is a common issue in most brokers LIVE accounts in our experience, but we didn't expect this to happen in a DEMO account. However, if it will continue, then we may choose to switch to a new DEMO account or a different broker. For this reason also, the investor password is also not working and not logging in and so the myfxbook account is also not updating.

In the meantime, we have already done some major improvements to the coding of the algo and also, completed one more quick training for all 8 pairs to keep it up to date. We will provide further updates in future posts.
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Membre depuis Oct 12, 2016   posts 834
Jun 06 at 07:38
The performance of this account which is running the LIMITED Version of the EA has improved significantly recently after the second half of May 2023 when we have uploaded the latest trained data from the FULL VERSION of the EA and we increased the risk in the account after that. Last month it made around 20% profit and this month also we are targeting the same level of returns or more while maintaining minimum drawdown %.

However, running the FULL version of the EA along with a trade copier to copy trades to other accounts is taking time since the FULL Version will be 100% compatible with all brokers and all account types with a trade copier to copy trades directly to any broker MT4 account and so the pip expectancy has to be high in order to make it profitable for all brokers and accounts via trade copy. So we had to make certain adjustments to coding to make it compatible and we had to retrain the EA again.

By default, the FULL Version places around 200 to 300 trade per day which is difficult to copy successfully and correctly in many brokers for all trades. We have tried in few brokers recently and after facing issues, now we fixed some issues and soon we may make one of the accounts public running the FULL version of the EA with a trade copier. But we are waiting for the account to run at least a few weeks to few months without problems before making it public.

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Membre depuis Oct 12, 2016   posts 834
Jun 13 at 07:29
Last week was overall okay. Yesterday, we didn't get any trades in this account due to very low volatility in the market. But today this account has got sufficient trading opportunities by now already.

All 8 pairs especially the USD pairs have given large number of trades and good profits for today. It was a result of our latest training data embedded and used for the EA.
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Membre depuis Jan 23, 2019   posts 5
Jun 26 at 14:36
If we buy your EA, do you always update it every month based on the past historical data? or no?
Membre depuis Oct 12, 2016   posts 834
Jun 26 at 15:47
Marrkdy posted:
If we buy your EA, do you always update it every month based on the past historical data? or no?
No, training of the EA is done on our end only if we feel it is absolutely necessary. It is because the EA will continue to train itself locally in the VPS in the MT4 terminal itself where it is running and so remote training or remote updates or additional EA updates are not necessary frequently. Just the set files are more than sufficient if a EA user is patient enough to try out one by one without being in a rush.
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Membre depuis Nov 09, 2020   posts 7
Jun 26 at 23:19
Hello, any signal in real account at IC Markets,Fusion or TickMill?
Membre depuis Jan 14, 2018   posts 1
Jun 27 at 09:53
hi, I really like your EA, but I haven't found the necessary information, i.e. the minimum capital to be able to operate or your capital used to have such a low DD. Based on the response I will evaluate the purchase. Thank you
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Membre depuis Jan 23, 2019   posts 5
Jun 28 at 12:47
They don't have any other live accounts that is good on a reputable broker. they are only using unregulated broker
Membre depuis Mar 31, 2019   posts 1
Jul 02 at 14:33
hi can you send yr contact details
Membre depuis May 14, 2023   posts 1
Jul 03 at 16:43
Dear @leo23

I would like to request you make your trade history public so that we can see the legitimacy of your account. Because there are many users claiming that the results are fake. You should shut them all down by showing transparency in records.

Best Regards.
Membre depuis Jun 26, 2023   posts 40
Jul 04 at 01:14
I can never forget what Instaforex did to me years back, Built 18k to 256k after long months of trading, they never allowed me withdrawal. Fraudulent Broker.
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Membre depuis Jun 14, 2023   posts 2
Jul 10 at 10:37
!!! the drawdown statistics are not analyzable

Probably the seller has activated the manual adjustment. The 1.2% drawdown can therefore also be 50% or 90%. Intransparent!

The seller should activate Auto Update, then the signal is tracked every 2 minutes.
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