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Bogie-HedgeHog-v4g (By wackena )

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Mar 15 2010 at 00:33
125 messages
Yes, running default settings. Yes again to optimizing the settings. I have never had or seen an EA that was profitable in all market conditions. So, optimizing settings periodically is a good thing.

DaysOpen and StopLoss2 work together to protect against a runway negative float. When both variables are exceeded, EA will close all trades.

The step variable is the fractional percent of price movement to open sequential trades up to MaxTrades = 4. Explanation of variables are noted in beginning of EA code.

"Steady Equity Growth" is the name of the game.
Mar 15 2010 at 02:47
6 messages

wackena posted:
    Explanation of variables are noted in beginning of EA code.

Yes, it's nicely commented will have to look at that further.

Two quick questions I don't know if they've already been addressed maybe they're stupid but I just want to make sure I'm running this right.

#1: What charts does the EA need to be running on and in what time frame, or does the time frame make any difference? Since it obviously trades in the EURUSD and USDCHF would it be necessary to have it running on both charts?

#2: In the Metatrader backtesting, do we need to run 2 backtests one for EURUSD and then a second one for USDCHF? It certainly appears that if you just run a backtest on EURUSD then it's not picking up any of the trades for any other currency pair (USDCHF in particular). So I would assume you have to run 2 separate tests - one for the EURUSD and another for the USDCHF - and combine those results to get an even better idea of how it backtests.

The thing is if that's the case then why doesn't the zip file that the EA came with contain a strategy test html file for the USDCHF. There is only one for the EURUSD. Shouldn't there also be a strategy test that was done for USDCHF and been included with that documentation? And then combine the results to get the overall idea of how it does in backtesting? Or perhaps I am missing something. I'm not an old hand at this, by any stretch. But thank you for your help.

Mar 15 2010 at 11:23
125 messages
EA is currently running on both EURUSD H1 chart and USDCHF H1 chart.

EURUSD and USDCHF are closely correlated in market reactions. Backtesting one pair can be somewhat indicative how other pair will perform. To be sure, both pairs should be tested.

"Steady Equity Growth" is the name of the game.
Mar 15 2010 at 14:12
23 messages
Thank you for the wonderful robot, Wackena (and Robert).
Do you keep the risk per pair at 10% when you add the second pair? Glenn

Mar 15 2010 at 15:24
125 messages
You need to thank Robert in the Yahoo group forum as he is not part of this myfxbook. Yes, so far on the risk=10. Dropping Risk down is a very good idea. It would really improve the potential downside.

"Steady Equity Growth" is the name of the game.
Mar 15 2010 at 15:38
5 messages
I appreciate you share this great EA to everyone. I started to try ver. 2 at FXDD demo account yesterday, the EA have a couple of positions but no SL nor TP. No SL is all right because I confirm it in your full Report on myfxbook but TP? I set the attached indicator into expert/indicator/. Could you advise please?

Mar 15 2010 at 17:04
5 messages
I got the answer at Yahoo!. I'm going to try v2.5.

cacus (cacus)
Mar 15 2010 at 17:18
119 messages
Wow wackena this EA is getting really hot!!
When i get some time i'll see if i can add some improvements and post it in the group.
Congrats for the work and the repercussion it's having :)
Great to see Yahoo group showing one of it's best coders ;)


Mental note: do not abuse.
Mar 16 2010 at 05:43
19 messages
Hi - Just wanted to check whether v4 is also not compatible with Alpari UK due to the GMT offset issue mentioned above? Thanks.

Mar 16 2010 at 06:07
6 messages
Hi wackena - just wish to add my congratulations and thanks for posting your 'design' on this forum.

Being fairly new to forex, I also plan to run the EA on a demo account - my current EA is running on a GM offset = 1, so I will run it on this setting unless your next posting advises otherwise.

Kind regards

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