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HARRIS DEMO $500 (de ForexIsekai )

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Discussion HARRIS DEMO $500

ForexIsekai (Raalgon)
Feb 04 2022 at 05:01
posts 9
Well, I am at it again. The first round went to the market. I wiped it out. The reason is that I had beginner's luck, and the lady luck said 'NOPE', and thus began revenge trading, and doubling down. All of which was a big fat no, no. I learned my lesson, and with this 2nd attempt of proof of concept, I need to be more risk-averse, while still attempting good profits and reaching goals. The method of trading is using NNFX Method. This so far has been a very valuable learning lesson on sticking to the plan and maintaining self-control. Just like my last Portfolio, this one is open to the public for peer review. I look forward to the market humbling me, and any insight the community may have with my portfolio.
Never Give up, Never Surrender, Always Adapting
Feb 26 2022 at 13:10
posts 2
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