Style de trading
Let the trading tale begin! I'm on a quest to become a forex master like Ichigo seeks to be a Shinigami. Though I'm starting as a novice, my passion burns hotter than Natsu's fire magic. I won't surrender in the face of losses and flashing red candlesticks. With an enthusiasm rivaling Naruto learning a new jutsu, I'll absorb every indicator and strategy that comes my way. From MACD to Bollinger Bands, I'm taking it all in! I tackle this 24-hour digital world like a mage entering a virtual Fairy Tail. Through demo accounts and note taking, I'll hone my skills with the dedication of Rock Lee's training. Losses can't dampen my spirit - I spring back like Natsu against a tough foe. My goals seem as lofty as the Hokage's tower, but I'm determined to gain XP each day. I want to unlock achievements like "50 Day Win Streak" and master these elusive market forces. The path ahead is long with many hidden side-quests, but I'm ready to put in the hard work. With the right strategies and discipline, I know I can rise up the ranks in this trading world. So grab your katana and let's begin this epic trading journey! Fortune favors the determined - believe it!
Never Give up, Never Surrender, Always Adapting


Systems by Raalgon

Nom Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Levier Type
Coinexx_Eval -99.90% 99.91% -806315.6 Manuel 1:500 Démo