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Once More into the Darkness (de ForexIsekai )

Gain : -99.37%
Drawdown 99.62%
Pips: -1131.6
Transactions 276
Type: Démo
Levier: 1:500
Trading: Manuel

Discussion Once More into the Darkness

ForexIsekai (Raalgon)
Dec 07 2022 at 04:43
posts 9
One More Time! Yup, I am starting out with a new demo account to work on a new system with a starting amount that will resemble a future real account. For now, it is test, test, and refine the understanding with experience. Insights, suggestions, and any 2 cents are welcome. Thank you for stopping by to take a look, and welcome to my try once more.
Never Give up, Never Surrender, Always Adapting
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