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Trend Reversal Algorithmic System for Maximum Risk Reward Ratio (Re-Posted 10-7-2015) (de TJdonovan )

Lutilisateur a supprimé ce système.

Discussion Trend Reversal Algorithmic System for Maximum Risk Reward Ratio (Re-Posted 10-7-2015)

Tom J. Donovan
Oct 07 2015 at 03:54
posts 77
Hello everyone, since I cannot find a way to update the old statement, I just had to resort to re-posting the same statement again, however the numbers are 'off' and different.

It's frustrating since this glitch isn't giving the statement it's full technical numbers. Some of the profits and losses data is 'off' and I have no idea how or why. But this will suffice.

As always, I welcome comments, suggestions, and questions. You can contact me directly at: [email protected] if you have any inquiries regarding my EAs.

Thank you community!
Tom D.

Oct 10 2015 at 07:25
posts 1
I am really interested in your EA. this is the same as the old one right? why isn't the other one updating? also how much is the EA or EAs?
i emailed you too. can we talk?
Tom J. Donovan
Oct 10 2015 at 16:00
posts 77
Hi George, nice to meet you, and thanks for your interest. I just send messaged your directly.
You might have emailed me wrong. My email is: [email protected] Please make sure it's Gmail.com
Thank you

Rajesh (rajeshsingh15)
Oct 11 2015 at 06:12
posts 6
Hello sir

I just emailed you. Please can you let me know the price of EA
Montly Income Generator
Tom J. Donovan
Oct 12 2015 at 05:22
posts 77
EURO-DOLLAR:Fundamental levels (orders, options, technicals)
*$1.1561/66 Aug26 high/76.4% $1.1714-1.1087
*$1.1500 Strong offers
*$1.1474 61.8% $1.1714-1.1087
*$1.1460 Sep18 high
*$1.1400 Medium offers/50% $1.1714-1.1087
*$1.1380/87 Medium offers/Fri session high
*$1.1378 Intraday high Asia
$1.1373 **Current market price 0233GMT Monday
*$1.1353 Intraday low Asia
*$1.1325/20 Minor demand
*$1.1310 61.8% Daily $1.1267-1.1379
*$1.1250 Medium demand
*$1.1235/28 Oct8 low/61.8% Oct range $1.1135-1.1379
*$1.1212 Oct7 low
*$1.1200 Demand on approach
Tom J. Donovan
Oct 14 2015 at 05:29
posts 77


Oct 14 Asia Open $1.1379

Overnight Range $1.1345-1.1411
Asia Range $1.1378-1.1400

*Euro-dollar started the day on a subdued note, near its session low so far

*Early dealings also muted, with euro-dollar holding a $1.1380/88 range before rising to $1.1396 a few minutes after Japanese stocks opened lower

*Early risk-off theme kept euro-dollar supported off $1.1385 but the move was gradual and soon ran out of steam after it failed to make further progress beyond $1.1400.

*Reported sellers off the high restricted further gains and euro-dollar backed away as sentiment improved.

*Euro-dollar eased to $1.1383 in afternoon dealings, last trades at $1.1390

Rajesh (rajeshsingh15)
Oct 16 2015 at 17:39
posts 6
GoodAfternoon Tom,

I just emailed you for the EA. Please do reply. Thanks for your great help.
Montly Income Generator
Oct 18 2015 at 06:08
posts 8
Dear ALL friend
this guy is cannot trust, he public in myfxbook is result is good..then you buy it usd 700 then give you another EA...

Tom J. Donovan
Oct 18 2015 at 07:25
posts 77

Good morning Everyone,

I would like to respond to this 'ex-client' of mine and clarify this particular situation. Mr. NGKK here had bought my EA about 2-3 weeks ago. Upon buying the EA and after he paid via PayPal, I promptly sent him the EA along with the detailed instructions. I gave him EXACTLY the EA that he requested and it is the EA that is used in this current live statement on myFXbook.

As soon as he received the EA in his email, he immediately did a ChargeBack in Paypal (even without giving the EA proper time to do its job; he did not even TRY to use the EA). Once the ChargeBack happened in Paypal, I was immediately in a Paypal Dispute with the client, with PayPal being the mediator.

Furthermore, on the record, this dispute has been lasting for 1-2 weeks and I officially had just won that dispute a few hours ago. I have the official email stating this fact and I am willing to show it as proof to anyone (again proving my integrity). I will post it and ATTACH it here in this forum thread for all to see. Please refer to the attachment. I will also post 2 examples of old clients who were happy and satisfied about my EA (it's good to also note that they read and FOLLOWED my specific instructions on how to install and use the EA.)

I just woke up now, and noticed this disgruntled Old 'client' posting this message slandering me and my EA and my statement and my integrity and honesty. I am offended, obviously, and will fight back since his comments are totally untrue.

I would like to add the fact that, my 'gut' told me that this client did this to a lot of other managers out there who sell EAs. This client would Buy the EAs and then would reverse the charge, granting him the money back, as well as keeping the EA without returning it (would not even matter due to the fact that copying an EA is as easy as copy and pasting).

Furthermore, to prove my case and point, click on NGKK's profile and you will notice that he has multiple cases where he would buy the EAs, and I suspect that he chargeback, getting his money back, and then launching a verbal attack on the sellers of the EAs he purchased (scammed from).

I apologize for this lengthy rant and explanation, but I do agree that it is necessary. And I hope you agree to my old clients and all the prospective ones.

Have a great day everyone,
Tom D.

Oct 18 2015 at 17:32
posts 59
Hi Tom,
We all know that you are serious and honest. This person has tried to scam you. Don´t worry. All is ok now.
Tom J. Donovan
Oct 18 2015 at 21:09
posts 77
Oct 20 2015 at 06:11
posts 1
Dear Tom J.Donovan!

Could you go to such a deal: get a share of the profits from your trading system.

1. Ready to copy your transaction a certain time (specified).
2. Ready to its share of the profits and give you trading sistemmy for payment (equal to the cost of trade sistemmy).
3. Thus, willing to pay more for the real profitability of trading sistemma.

/Sorry for bad English/

Yours faithfully,
Tom J. Donovan
Oct 28 2015 at 20:24
posts 77
FOMC: December Fed hike here we come.

This FOMC statement is a clear potential setup for a December rate move judging from two key changes to the September statement.

First is the removal of the phrase from the September statement of the sentence discussing worries from global developments.

Second was the alteration of the language discussing the first rate hike -> moving to a 'whether it is appropriate' to move 'at the next meeting'. This is a major hawkish upgrade to the language by FOMC standards and all we need now is cooperative incoming data for the October and November US data cycles and we'll finally have our first rate hike in almost a decade in the bag.

This should be very USD supportive with further acceleration higher if next Friday's US employment report is a strong one.
Paddington (Padddington)
Nov 01 2015 at 13:12
posts 35
Hello Tom you seem to follow fundamentals closely. my question is, how do you incorporate this into your ea, the fundamentals that is?
It took me 7 years to become a consistently profitable trader. Dont be discouraged.d.
Paddington (Padddington)
Nov 01 2015 at 13:12
posts 35
for example, do you turn off ea when there is high impact news soon to be released?

It took me 7 years to become a consistently profitable trader. Dont be discouraged.d.
Tom J. Donovan
Nov 01 2015 at 17:19
posts 77
Hi Chasing Shadows.

Thanks for the thoughtful question.

My EA does not, and should not be turned off during high impact news or news/data that are 'soon to be released'. The reason why I post those fundamental news is because those are just for traders whose trading methods might be based heavily on news, therefore I thought my news feed could be helpful for them. But as far as my EA is concerned, it is based solely on mathematical patterns and the fundamentals are already included in the charts, or Aka in Trader's slang: 'already priced into the charts'.

Here is an example for you, an NFP candlestick after an NFP event, may SEEM to be a move on its own, however it is and should be part of a bigger more grander chart pattern. These particular longer term patterns are extremely strong and resilient. And thus, the news is the 'catalyst' that is necessary to rocket the price action to its intended target price.

The only issue and problem, is the fact of human nature. Many, many traders including a handful of both my older & current clientele, have had fell for this trap; where they would see a consecutive 8 or 9 profitable trades in a row all of which were traded with the risk of 3-5%. And then on the 10th trade, they would raise the risk extremely high to around 20%, 30%, and in some instances, take an 'all in trade', and that particular 10th trade would unfortunately hit the stop loss, and they would ruin their accounts. The lesson to take from this is, even with an extremely profitable and highly successful EA, whether it be your own EA or any EA you had purchased, is to suppress that human nature tendency of taking higher risks and do your best not to 'gamble'.

The slow, safe approach is always going to be the way to a successful investment and/or trading career and will generally will lead to a more pleasant path towards a well grown trading account.

Thank you for the question. You can email me directly for more direct questions.
Tom D.

Tom J. Donovan
Nov 03 2015 at 18:38
posts 77
EURO-DOLLAR: $1.0970, before Draghi is due to speak in Frankfurt. Market is nervous, taking Euro back up to middle of the range, after spending several hours at or near the lows.

There is some small resistance at $1.0980 followed by $1.1020-30 Intraday highs Asia, and Europe respectively. $1.0936 is the
overnight low, but the important support is at $1.0890/96 Oct 28 low(FOMC react).
Tom J. Donovan
Nov 04 2015 at 16:49
posts 77
USD pushes higher still after in-line US October ADP payrolls change (+182k vs. +180k exp., though with a -10k revision to the Sep.).

Interesting to see the market aggressively leaning on a break of key levels in USD pairs before we even get a peek at the ISM non-manufacturing later today and especially the Friday jobs numbers from the US.

The reaction to the ADP data suggests that it may merely require in-line data on Friday or just a minor upside beat to consensus expectations (around +180k) to keep us on track for a Fed rate hike at the December FOMC meeting, provided, of course, that we don't have any major negative surprises for the November data cycle.

For now - watching the 1.0900 area in EURUSD for a break and the 121.50 area in USDJPY for the same - both of which look to be at least tested today, though we'll require Friday for full confirmation that the USD bull can continue charging.
Tom J. Donovan
Nov 06 2015 at 16:19
posts 77
Strong NFPs suggest December lift-off.

The significantly strong US nonfarm payroll report which came in at 271k has the market now pricing in a Fed rate hike in December.
However, while US labour markets are robust there has been little transmission into inflation.
Without clear pressure on the Fed’s favourite inflation gauge, the core PCE deflator, it’s unlikely they will launch in December.

Elsewhere, the Bank of England, Norges Bank and Bank of Thailand all delivered a dovish outlook in their policy meetings. Whatever happens in December, it’s clear that monetary policy divergence theme will entrench itself as a primary driver of asset pricing in 2016.

Finally, Swiss CPI printed in negative territory again, indicating that the overvalued CHF continues to have a damaging impact on the economy. Yet, with QE2 looming in Europe the SNB has limited options to defend the CHF from further appreciation and strong deflationary effects.
Nov 07 2015 at 08:04
posts 12
Hi guys,

Unfortunately you must change your mind about this “honorable” person..

He is just a bad scammer and only want to cheat you by selling his rubbish old earlier bought or stolen EA’s which he renames under his own “development”.
I am writing for my “friend” “upandgo”, which is blocked in this thread here.
He didn’t complain before, but was blocked directly after he bought the EA from Tom.
He bought in the very first days his EA for $500, which Tom Donovan names as an own development!

But it is some stolen romanian or whatever script “RS EA v1 or V2” EA, which doesn't work and never will bring his early shown amazing profits.
For a little bit like that, my friend has bought it
He made later for all major pairs 99,9% modelling back tests, no pair make profit in the long term.

If you run it without manually assist, you only will be flat or get a loss over longer time period with always much open positions.
Tom has currently 31% open positions:
And he directly closes trades manually, if they could go worse.

As my friend tested 10 pairs simultaneous his account crashed totally after the FOMC last week:
Was running for 6 weeks:

He don't complain about that, because he made a 'hard core' test, but it showed very impressive, how unstable this EA is.
My friend asked friendly for support, but didn't got any useful help.

“He should have stopped trading after this earlier nice profit…” was the professional advice from Tom.
Unfortunately my friend didn’t know before, that the account will crash in a short time.

Probably Tom already knew abou that… ?..

These are back tests with 99,9% modeling quality with his preferred pairs:

EU 1 year, only long (as he advised suddenly…) very interesting…

And this is your EURNZD, which you also prefer and made these tremendous profit in the first days which extra
huge lot sizes:

So this honorable Mr. Donovan just want to sell you his scrappy EA for too much money.., $700 i have heard now.

As I heard now, we are not alone, here are already other victims:

So be very careful with him!
It is only scam after this serious mask..

If still anybody interested in this EA, just contact me.
I will sell it now for $100 to average my costs… 😄
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