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Sep 01 2014 at 06:50
1 messages
so far I have never had a bad incident during trading in the FBS. My trading is always smooth and withdrawals are always on time. I use IB in FBS, they always give you a rebate of trading according to the number of lots that I do.

wanrupeng (wanrupeng)
Sep 29 2014 at 06:34
7 messages
Hi everybody, I am back and sorry about disappearing for a while - however you would know why I had to after hearing my story, which is a sad one - thanks to fbs.

Basically the last thing everybody knew is FBS had illegally kept MY funds for over 2 weeks and forced me to sign an additional 'agreement' in order to get MY money back - why I use word 'forced'? Because that money should be at my dispense and not a single word in the Customer Agreement gave FBS the right to take it away from me, after they had to accept my initial claim about the mistaken orders and make the balance available to me. So let's face it: the reason for FBS to hold my money is not 'we were still under disputes about the wrong orders' as they claimed (because that initial dispute had already been resolved before it came to everybody's attention and I accepted it); the only real reason for FBS to do so was that I chose to use my legal rights as a customer to bring this issue to the public eyes - if you read the additional 'agreement' they forced me to sign, it says I had to remove all my posts on internet before I can get my money back! So if a customer chooses to complaint and write bad but true posts about a broker, he can not get his OWN money back? Please try and describe such broker's behavior if it's not 'bully' or 'rogue', and I'd love to see how FBS shall comment on and justify such behavior pattern of theirs

And btw, I'd like to remind everybody once again: FBS is NOT regulated - not by a single regulator in the whole world! I have raised this issue to the attention of CRFIN, the so-named 'regulator' claimed by FBS, and after I went through all the official procedure instructed by CRFIN's official website, they had come back to me 'Currently, while there is no legal regulation, the services for clients are provided generally on behalf of foreign companies, registered in regulated or off-shore jurisdictions.' - meaning 'go away, we cannot do anything about this off-shore company'. The most funny part is, when I called CRFIN, where few people can speak English, one guy even yelled at me 'go away, go to to the police' - very professional and reliable for a 'regulator' ha?

And finally, here is what happened to me: I did get the money back, however it was too late - I requested the money back on 12th Aug as I needed that money to pay my son's deposit for his study abroad from the begining of September; he had been planning that for a long time, however the money I should have got from FBS by middle August never arrived till the end of August, so I had to try borrowing money from banks and people, which failed probably because I'm retired and too old. So my son had to give up his study plan this year, and I had to work myself aroundlike a dog trying to fix the messes caused by FBS's 'responsbible behaviors'. And that's why I was too busy to come back.

So all in all, if you only care about wether I got my funds back, you can lable this case as 'resolved'; but if you ask me wether I still think FBS is a scam broker, I will say 'YES YES YES'!!!

And should anyone go trading with FBS without considering the facts I provided, I will personally come to your house and slap your face!

Oct 13 2014 at 06:44
9 messages
Dear Yunni, it's so nice to here from you again.
First of all, FBS is a reliable and regulated broker by IFSC and CRFIN.
Let's start from the very beginning. We processed your claim and all the necessary corrections on the account were made, i.e. the required orders were annulled with their total loss restored on your balance, profitable orders were placed back with their total profit return.
Before the withdrawal was processed you started you own game: sent a claim to our regulator, posted everywhere negative posts in spite of the fact that we fulfilled all your requests and never wanted to hold your funds.
For that reason we had to frozen your funds (according to our Customer Agreement) until the CRFIN investigation of the whole issue would be processed.
As we always intented to cooperate and settle this peacefully, we offered you to sign the Settlement Agreement, after you signed it the withdrawal was processed right away.
So, now everything is settled, you received you money.
And may be it's no business of mine, but please don't trade on the money for your son's studies!

reappost (reappost)
Jan 01 2015 at 07:53
34 messages
again and again i like to trade gold with them and no problem at all with withdrew
i funded my account using many methods with no problem
very safe but i did not tried the insurance program

Novar (Novar)
Jul 10 2015 at 08:37
63 messages
Not Good

Withdrawall very difficiult and amount asked evry time reduced by financial department, so impossible to empty completly account

moreover only deposit can be withdrawed to bank account and profit only with elctronic payment system

It smell very much market maker/scamer

reappost (reappost)
Jul 10 2015 at 09:02
34 messages
to explain the withdrew issue
if you deposit using any electronic payment system you can withdrew to the same method unless you make single deposit using your dept card,in this case your all withdrew should be processes to your dept card or to your bank account
i deposited and withdrew many times without problem and if we wrote ( any broker name review) at google you will find many claims against all brokers and many people talking about how this broker is amazing
i used FBS for several years without any problem
and to make some explanation i read very bad review about insta but i opened an account with them and so far so well till now so dont decide about any broker depends on what you read

Novar (Novar)
Jul 15 2015 at 06:55
63 messages
just a scamer Broker/ market maker

Winners clients are not well come, in any case you will cannot withdraw all your account déposit

moreover only deposit by credit card payed on credit card but 70% only after 60 days minimum ..... profit payed maybe one day only in other scam electronic payment with mountain of fees

GO AWAY !!!! and do not deposit notthing here

they are waiting you like a spider !!

Novar (Novar)
Jul 15 2015 at 20:35
63 messages
Fast Scamer in Indonesia

Shame on you !!!

Jul 16 2015 at 14:26
9 messages
Dear Novar , could you please give us your account number?
It is not true, that you can withdraw omly deposit. Mor then 700 000 our clients can withdraw all money. Maybe there was an error in your account? We can solve this situation quickly!

Novar posted:
Not Good

Withdrawall very difficiult and amount asked evry time reduced by financial department, so impossible to empty completly account

moreover only deposit can be withdrawed to bank account and profit only with elctronic payment system

It smell very much market maker/scamer

loupe (loupe)
Aug 16 2015 at 06:05
5 messages
It's seem like my comment has been deleted by someone, after I'm try post about FBS cheat my order.

What's happen?

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