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Apr 29 2012 at 06:22
posts 3
I have had slippage trying to trade news using oco orders before the release. Free vps and myfx licence. Also auto chartist link, I think their spreds are great. My opinion is that they are an excellent broker , I just don't trade news on this account.

SAYED SUDIP (sudip02)
Feb 14 2012 at 12:01
posts 16
well i am sorry, i had some miss understanding with Vantage.uk... their system works perfectly ok... soon i am going to start with them live trading

SAYED SUDIP (sudip02)
Dec 07 2011 at 21:28
posts 16
I opened my account with them then verified. I heard they are doing good, i am talking about Vantage.uk... still now they did not provide me the trader log in and password from their web site. Without seeing my details from the trader cabinet, how can i deposit with them? After few mail to them, Vantage.uk said, their website log in option is now working now !! Still i am waiting to get my user name and password !!

Oct 24 2011 at 05:18
posts 134
I used to trade Vantage in the early summer of 2010 but they had some real issues with spread widening on Fridays that would take out even generous stop levels, so I left of course. I have not started trading again with them but I have been watching the spreads for a few days and they are the best among non-commission brokers at this time. The customer support has been very good and they have phoned me three times to help answer questions although they have not succeeded fully, hence I held back some points for that. And the free VPS service is also very enticing which in my opinion is really helping them compete against the highly competitive Australian brokers quite successfully. Now the final verdict will have to be given upon resumption of live trading.

Be afraid, very afraid?
Jul 12 2011 at 14:00
posts 7
Spreads are too wide. I don't know why you'd use these guys instead of some other broker.

Dec 27 2010 at 03:43
posts 1
I have the standard account with them, i trade quite often with microlots and they are nearly no requotes. They always reply fast to my emails and this is good. Much better execution that I had with CMC!!

Well done and Thanks

Vanessa (foxfree)
Dec 23 2010 at 11:45
posts 1
I only write reviews after at least 2 months trading with a broker so I think that way it's fair, you don't make a reaction good or bad on the back of just one small experience because a good broker and good broker relationship takes a while to judge.

It is a pleasure trading with Vantage FX they are honest every time. You get your trades filled instantly and get out of the positions very easy. I never had a slippage and the spreads are constant over the night on the currencies I trade. One of the best fixed Spread brokers you can choose. Excellent costumer service...

will schaarrand
Jul 28 2010 at 05:37
posts 59
''If the disconnection is at the client's end then we are not liable for any losses/gains nor obliged to trade for them''

Piers: We do offer VPS - Virtual Private Server

I love how they bring Up VPS as a solution for Clients disconnects. LOL..

will schaarrand
Jul 28 2010 at 05:30
posts 59
Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Piers'

you: what is the Min. deposit
Piers: Thank you for visiting Vantage FX. How may I assist you?
Piers: Hi there.
you: and what is your relationship to Go markets
Piers: There is no minimum deposit to open an account with us
Piers: We are different companies. We use Go Markets for their back office
Piers: Do you currently trade FX?
you: yes
Piers: OK. Have you had a look at our platform to see how it compares with your current provider?
you: Metatrader is all the same, Its all about the broker behind the platform
Piers: Agreed. Sounds like you've been using MT4? Do you know much about us, other than what's on the website?
you: If I ever have a Lock out or a disconnect from the platform, can i call your office to close the position at market price
you: Vantage fx is new to me. How long have you been in business
Piers: OK. Our business is online execution only services. In answer to your question, we can close out the position for you but only in the event of a disconnection problem from our end.
Piers: We do this so that we don't have clients phoning in who are simply away from their PC
Piers: So only in the last resort and only if the problem is our end
Piers: If the disconnection is at the client's end then we are not liable for any losses/gains nor obliged to trade for them
Piers: We do offer VPS - Virtual Private Server
Piers: Are you aware of VPS?
you: If I get a disconnect , That is at your End, Not mine! So no, I can call to close a position
you: VPS rarely has anything to do with this problem, but only creates more problems that cant be verified
you: How long has Vantage been in Business
Piers: We've had clients had disconnect problems before and when we looked into it it turned out to be an ISP issue or connection issue their end
Piers: Not saying that's the case with you, just going on some experience of what we've had
Piers: Vantage has been in business since Dec 09
you: Brokers always say this. But thank you for pointing out that VantageFX is no different. Thank you for your Time. The Hunt Continues

Dirk Schaefer
Jul 06 2010 at 08:58
posts 7
Hi emir2009
I´d like to open an account at Vantage FX too trading with my EA. Do you have experience with this at Vantage FX specially using the offered VPS?

Best regards and always good trading

Jul 02 2010 at 05:37
posts 1
started using Vantage FX a few weeks back because of their strategy builder platform.
Great system and the staff are pretty helpful. I will take a look at their FX book.

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