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Vantage FX Review Scores

Overall score: 3.8 / 5

Total votes: 110
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Vantage FX Discussion

Charles (hagenuk)
Mar 27 2013 at 19:07
69 posts
I'm also a victim, and I advice everyone to stay away from this scam broker. They remove my account balance more than what I made from them and left my account in negative balance. 😭

Mar 30 2013 at 16:13
81 posts
they took my whole money profit and deposit both.
oh man, they r fraud.


Dale C (dalecam)
Mar 31 2013 at 14:42
75 posts
Charles and Brijesh, I also got ALL my profit withdrawn, and also some of my original deposit. Im extremely mad. They don't even tell us the Criteria of what makes up a 'bad trade'. So you cant scalp with this broker. Worst thing is - they take more money than you make, and eat into your initial deposit.
Insane. PLEASE Stay away from Vantage Guys. Sooo unhappy.

Apr 01 2013 at 01:57
128 posts
VantageFX UK is a FSA regulated broker and they cancelled ALL my profits SINCE ACCOUNT OPENING mid 2012!! I trade FOREX for some years and over all every broker tries to f*** you, but that was the worst broker behaviour regarding my profits i ever saw.

Apr 02 2013 at 09:21
14 posts
They cannot take you original deposit. complain to the FSA.

The below link is to search for company registered FSA number and you can see if they have been Disciplined before by entering the company fsa number which is normally at the bottom of the brokers home site. Vantage fx fsa number is 501057

complaints to FSA are

Dale C (dalecam)
Apr 02 2013 at 20:30
75 posts
Hi @jassie - thank you very much. The only problem is that I was with the Vantage Australia branch....
But appreciated your reply.

Apr 03 2013 at 17:59
14 posts
I don't know too much about Australian regulated financal services but I found a site that may be able to help you.

Select the 'Money I have invested (financial services and advice)' link for further advice.

Hope this helps.

Sep 17 2013 at 06:19
1 posts
pipinvestment0 posted:
Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Piers'

you: what is the Min. deposit
Piers: Thank you for visiting Vantage FX. How may I assist you?
Piers: Hi there.
you: and what is your relationship to Go markets
Piers: There is no minimum deposit to open an account with us
Piers: We are different companies. We use Go Markets for their back office
Piers: Do you currently trade FX?
you: yes
Piers: OK. Have you had a look at our platform to see how it compares with your current provider?
you: Metatrader is all the same, Its all about the broker behind the platform
Piers: Agreed. Sounds like you've been using MT4? Do you know much about us, other than what's on the website?
you: If I ever have a Lock out or a disconnect from the platform, can i call your office to close the position at market price
you: Vantage fx is new to me. How long have you been in business
Piers: OK. Our business is online execution only services. In answer to your question, we can close out the position for you but only in the event of a disconnection problem from our end.
Piers: We do this so that we don't have clients phoning in who are simply away from their PC
Piers: So only in the last resort and only if the problem is our end
Piers: If the disconnection is at the client's end then we are not liable for any losses/gains nor obliged to trade for them
Piers: We do offer VPS - Virtual Private Server
Piers: Are you aware of VPS?
you: If I get a disconnect , That is at your End, Not mine! So no, I can call to close a position
you: VPS rarely has anything to do with this problem, but only creates more problems that cant be verified
you: How long has Vantage been in Business
Piers: We've had clients had disconnect problems before and when we looked into it it turned out to be an ISP issue or connection issue their end
Piers: Not saying that's the case with you, just going on some experience of what we've had
Piers: Vantage has been in business since Dec 09
you: Brokers always say this. But thank you for pointing out that VantageFX is no different. Thank you for your Time. The Hunt Continues

Sounds like being able to call and close out a position is important to you. Can I ask why? Did you ever find a broker that was satisfactory?

May 15 2014 at 07:03
7 posts
These guys are spam kings and i would not put a cent with them. They called me on my phone ... I didn't answer but saw their number missed call almost daily. I had not given them my number and had entirely nothing ever to do with them. So someone sold them my phone number. So I emailed them to tell them to stop calling me. And they replied that they wee sorry and I was taken off their phone list. Then, get this, they SPAMMED me on the email I used to complain about their unsolicited phone calls. They are warts! Don't go near them.

mk (mk2wenjie)
Jun 19 2014 at 09:58
2 posts
i have real account with vantage for a while, i have remove all my account, this happen within two weeks in row...

vantage does not move with the market... while the rest of the broker (FXCM, METATRADER) stay at $1292.. vtagefx went down about $10...

one week later, the price of Gold went down to $702.5.. i thought of War is going to take place... No again ONLY VTAgeFX...
i had wrote in, they did not refund my lost as i did long for gold, they reset the amount back to date. but i don't feel good to hang around in this broker any longer...
what if, i did not hedge my trade? or place my stop lost?

if you want to grow your wealth with Vtage.Fx. think again!!!

FXCM $1292

real account

Metatrader $1292

happened one week after. XAU went as low as $702.5


Double or Nothing
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