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Apr 24 2015 at 17:18
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On the EURUSD the best thing now is to wait for it to take a clear direction. The pair is very undecided, unless you are trading short-term.

Apr 24 2015 at 17:26
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It looks like the Eurogroup meeting today finally provoked some much needed volatility on the market because EUR/USD finally broke above the resistance at 1.0800. I think it's very possible to see it reach 1.1000 next week.

Apr 24 2015 at 18:41
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EUR/USD continued to move upward today after the Eurogroup meeting and taking advantage of the weak dollar this week, Are we going to see $1.1000 next week?

Apr 24 2015 at 19:49
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EUR/USD is trading in the range of 1.08 between the support level 1.0820 and resistance 1.0900.

Apr 24 2015 at 23:30
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sherifFares posted:
EUR/USD is trading in the range of 1.08 between the support level 1.0820 and resistance 1.0900.

A break above 1.0900 level should lead to another retest of 1.100 zone.

Apr 25 2015 at 00:14
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Greece problem continues, with yet further set backs and negations that are not going anywhere soon, I don't know about you, frankly I am quite tired of the same tune.

Apr 26 2015 at 20:09
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Apr 26 2015 at 21:49
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csc2009 posted:
Check out the article: If Greece falls, no one wants their prints on the murder weapon[].

Thanks for the article, according to Greek official: Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed in a phone conversation on Sunday to maintain contact during talks between Athens and its lenders to reach a debt deal.

honeill (honeill)
Apr 27 2015 at 08:47
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On Friday the EURUSD initially fell but found enough buying pressure at the 50-day moving average to turn around and close in the green near the high of the day, above of the 50-day moving average. Today we may see may see a pullback toward the 50-day moving average before another move upward. The next key levels to watch in the short-term 1.0925 and mid-term at 1.10345.

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BenNathanFX (BenNathanFX)
Apr 27 2015 at 08:51
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If Greece are forced to exit the EU then I think there is another thing to consider = UK elections!
I.e. there could be a UK referendum regarding an EU exit within 2 years depending on who wins the elections....
I think the EURO is in for a VERY bumpy ride this year....

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