this is a comment on why many trading systems fail.most hide behind trailing stops and risk-rewards ratios or break even need to test on demo or live with 1-1 risk reward ratio. stop loss and take profit only.50% win/loss is benchmark.your target is 55% or more.then you can add other features to protect your would think indicators or pivot points or candlesticks would beat blind chance.from testing many of them at 1-1 ratio ;most cant.this is why many forex traders if you can get 60% win rate ;then you will be in a select few.also this has been done over a long time to .prove it is robust.1-1 is good for testing as you can measure your edge against excellent standard.many sports professional betters who bet on moneyline aim for 55% winning target to their customers.any one who says they win 70% long term are called liars.55% is gold standard in sports betting.what is the level for forex.?also if any knows of a system or robot that beats 60% 1-1 let me know.can it be same year after year.i know in 1-1 risk/reward you will get close to profit then lose some;you will also get close to loss then win some .but luck should even out.its the only way to see if your strategy works.