Elliot Theory Wave - Complicated or Uncomplicated

Nov 13, 2023 at 05:18
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Nov 13, 2023 at 05:18
I've been learning EWT (Elliot Wave Theory) for nearly 3.5 years and I can proudly say it was the best decision of my trading career. Many people always look at EWT and find it complicated to understand. However, most of these traders have only looked at 1 video and thats it. If you are trying to get good at something, it always requires time, dedication and hard work. To see people give up or not even try to understand it only proves that people are lazy to acquire a skill or they are looking for the easy way out. I understand that people are using many other trading strategies like ICT , SMC , Support and Resistance and they will spend hours, days weeks on learning these things, however, if you speak to any hedgefund manager or institutional trader they will all tell you that they do not even use these concept and that they do not exists. If you speak to an institutional trader and ask them about EWT, although they may not use it, there are a lot of positive feedback regarding it.

Is EWT really complicated to understand or is it people are just lazy?
Wave Theory Works
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Jan 31 at 13:21
elliot wave is the simply trading strategy . all strategy are good . important is result
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