Is there a real time forex trading forum- chat?

Feb 04 at 23:30
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Feb 04 at 23:30

I wonder if there is a forum chat somewhere were everyone can ask questions and answer about what happens right now.

It could be questions:
If you would open a position in EURUSD right now:
1. would you sell or buy?
2. Where would you place SL and TP?
3. What indicator(s) did you use to come to this conclusion?

or it could be statements:
- I will open a buy-position in EURUSD if the market hits the price xxxx, because this reason...... TP at yyyy, SL at zzzz.

- Everyone who opened a buy position on EURUSD with me this morning: I will close out now, even before TP, because qqqqqqqqqq.

Is there a forum like this with very active debate on real time, current price and tips for positions?

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Feb 07 at 11:53
I have seen a lot of traders discussing about what's happening in the market and their trading strategies on zulutrade's social feed. It's a good place to stay updated imo.
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