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Jan 05 at 19:12
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Jan 05 at 19:12
hello all ,im new trader wanna some tools and skills to learn and practice trading with a good strategy .thanks
Jan 22, 2024からメンバー   11 投稿
Jan 22 at 15:15
Hello, welcome to the trading forum. As a new trader, you need to learn some basic tools and skills to succeed in the market. Some of the tools and skills you need are:

Numeracy skills: You need to be able to use math and statistics to analyze data and make decisions.
Communication skills: You need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with your clients, brokers, and other traders.
Research skills: You need to be able to find and use relevant information from various sources, such as news, reports, charts, and indicators.
Control skills: You need to be able to manage your emotions, risks, and money, and stick to your trading plan and strategy.
Jan 24, 2024からメンバー   1 投稿
Jan 24 at 04:08
hi sir how are you
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