Getting historical sentiment data

Feb 23 at 17:10
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Feb 11, 2024からメンバー   2 投稿
Feb 23 at 17:10

For the backtesting purposes, I would like to download historical SSI data. But it seems not to be possible through API connection. I have the outlook indicator in MT4 and I am trying to scrap the values from the buffer, but without much luck.
Does anyone here have any experience with that?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Feb 11, 2024からメンバー   2 投稿
Mar 14 at 09:29
JamieC1 posted:
When you want to get data from MT4, use the iCustom() function in your code. This lets you grab the data you need from MT4’s indicators. Make sure you’re getting the right data by checking you’re using the right settings.
Hi Jamie,

Thanks a lot, I will do that!
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