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Diamond_P.A.S_GBPAUD_spread=3.8_Comm=0.8 (By D_Diamond )

損益 +96.02%
ドローダウン 8.66%
Pips: 938.0
歩み 171
モデル品質 99.0%
テスト中の棒足の本数 44586
再現された値動き数 37988569

Forward Test is not available


guchan (guchan)
May 18 2015 at 06:58
1 件の投稿
hey hi , great results firstly, i saw u trade specifically gbp aud,, these days this is one of the pair that caught my serious attention and im a scalper... it would be great if u can give some inputs to trade gbpaud as im trying to just stick to this pair.. thanks