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spotty-1 daily (By eaymonfxvps )

損益 +366.38%
ドローダウン 54.38%
Pips: 42385.9
歩み 5620
モデル品質 42.6%
テスト中の棒足の本数 39835
再現された値動き数 11992746

Forward Test SurfCycle


Dec 16 2020 at 07:25
2 件の投稿
Dec 23 2020 at 10:36
42 件の投稿
Your system looks really good. Could you please share some more information on this?

Dec 27 2020 at 01:38
3 件の投稿
Hello, I am new to trading any advice? I have $500 account to start.

Jan 19 at 08:56
22 件の投稿
Wow, that graph looks amazing. You have a decent system. What strategy did you use for it?

Jan 19 at 13:03
7 件の投稿
The only thing I lack to fully understand the situation is leverage. After all, this is an important component and many traders refuse high leverage right away - it's too risky.

Jan 19 at 13:03
7 件の投稿
I always want to figure out what was offered and how it works. And so I would like to see this work in progress and be able to trace the dynamics of this system.

Jan 25 at 19:05
4 件の投稿
To my mind it looks quite promising.
I love to see traders being able to create something on their own and it's usually the most useful stuff.

Feb 18 at 05:21
13 件の投稿
You have very good returns on this system. Keep up the good work!

Mar 03 at 04:38
15 件の投稿
I would like to know more about this please. Feel free to share some details, thanks.