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Flex EA - EMA Cross 10-15 + RSi + Stoch v5 (By flexea )

損益 -35.07%
ドローダウン 37.56%
Pips: -709.8
歩み 123
タイプ リアル
レバレッジ: -
トレーディング 不明


JavierTJL99 (JavierTJL99)
Apr 10 2020 at 03:34
1 件の投稿
Hi, how do i download a set file for any of the EAs here?

try not to lose money being greedy
Dec 30 2020 at 11:21
72 件の投稿
JavierTJL99 posted:
Hi, how do i download a set file for any of the EAs here?

Use Custom Analysis and all time for full history analysis. DD 96%! Do the same in other accounts.


Jan 08 at 05:18
18 件の投稿
I prefer manual trading over automated trading because I can trade as per my knowledge and make decisions accordingly.

Jan 20 at 09:59
29 件の投稿
Nice system you have here. Could you share some details about the leverage and the strategy used.

Feb 01 at 11:35
18 件の投稿
You are doing great. But it is just 4 trades. The real results will only be seen after you make some more trades. All the best for your future.

Feb 23 at 04:29
16 件の投稿
You can try some indicators for your system and get better results. All the very best to you.

Mar 30 at 04:55
11 件の投稿
Don’t worry you can recover your losses if you improve your technical and fundamental analysis. All the best.