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IrobotEA (3cross beta1) download here...www.nmfxr.com (による NelmarForexRobot )


IrobotEA (3cross beta1) download here...www.nmfxr.com 討論

May 22 2012 at 15:47
66 投稿
When month will be finished i will run a real account with alpari. So we see if run the saame...but no reason to have different results....
May 23 2012 at 16:30
66 投稿
bad bad day....
sorry..not bad day....
bad programmer...:)

i was very lazy this week and i didnt implement my ea using i robot...

i want to remember that i built this ea using a EA generator.


now is all in beta..
if you want further information www.nmfxr.com

May 27 2012 at 09:55
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You can download IROBOT ea from this site...www.nmfxr.com
with this set file
and with new set file we make with your collaboration...
May 28 2012 at 16:05
66 投稿
this ea stopped..i improve and add a new one in my portfolio....3crossbeta2 i set more than 3 cross...we see wich one goes better than we will chose
May 29 2012 at 03:28
34 投稿
from this week , though behave is not good. but I see your effort on it . :)

well. some suggestion:
the lot may decrease at smaller amount , since after continously loss, the DD bigger than 32%, it is the best that even 10 loss , the system could control the MAX DD within 20% , smaller the better.

and some orders lost 8% or more at one time ? if so , it is too larger.
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