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PipsRider 2.0 (by gaban13)

損益: +581.41%
ドローダウン: 47.22%
Pips: 1651.8
歩み: 123
タイプ: リアル
レバレッジ: 1:500
トレーディング: 自動化された
raiyan scalper (gaban13)
Mar 31 2019 at 02:41
68 件の投稿
safe trading. minimum to copy $50...more info

this is my copytrade account in FBS. you can follow here Firstly, you must install FBS Copytrade in ios/android then use the link to search my account.

my signal in mql5

raiyan scalper (gaban13)
Mar 31 2019 at 09:20
68 件の投稿
follow with correct money management. do not overtrade

raiyan scalper (gaban13)
Apr 09 2019 at 15:54
68 件の投稿