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Serenity system (By mytraderadvisor )

損益 +22.86%
ドローダウン 3.03%
Pips: 2386.0
歩み 467
タイプ リアル
レバレッジ: 1:400
トレーディング 自動化された


Oct 31 2013 at 22:23
6 件の投稿
Hi, i know this is non of my business but why such a high performance fee on serenity? that is like half the profits off 2% that leaves u with about 1% roi per month :)

mytraderadvisor (mytraderadvisor)
Nov 01 2013 at 00:38
16 件の投稿
Good question :-)
Serenity system target 20% net client / year with the lowest risk, originally made for bigger accounts.
If you compare to similar hedge funds products (growth and risk) our performance fee is at market average. (and no entrance/exit, management, fee or any markup).
We also have constantly a trader watching the accounts.
We recommend a portfolio with 80% Serenity and 20% Performance.

Just invest ... watch and enjoy !