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Bespoke fund management for high-net worth clients.
Planned expansion to offer our services to retail traders.
ASIC: 0131274A

In order to generate very high returns from currency movements, we employ both momentum strategies to capture profits from intraday volatility, as well as macro strategies based on order information flow from our counterparties. This includes knowledge of retail positioning, options expiries as well as volume flows initiated by companies or funds. To a limited extent, we also employ quantitative strategies such as statistical arbitrage.

Trigger Ready™

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損益 ドローダウン Pips トレーディング レバレッジ タイプ
TradeFyre ScalpX™ Master 23.99% 30.19% 4006.4 手動 1:500 リアル
TF ScalpX™ Client 2x Risk 37.82% 88.52% 2583.5 手動 1:500 リアル
TF ScalpX™ - ICM Benchmark 75.21% 72.78% 3294.0 混合 1:500 リアル
TF ScalpX™ - Pepperstone Benchmark 99.42% 78.11% 6103.7 手動 1:500 リアル
TF ScalpX™ - Tickmill Benchmark 40.83% 92.86% 4725.3 自動化された 1:500 リアル