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Dino Celadon

I am a python developer and when I discovered the world of trading I immediately understood that my passion for programming, for mathematics and statistics could marry perfectly with that world. I have been developing automatic trading systems for years and now I think I learned the rules to be profitable.

The fully automated trading systems that I have developed and that I am using have been designed for long-term investments and privilege robustness and security to the size of the profit.

Play honestly when you have the winning cards

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登録されて Aug 21 2019 at 16:40

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損益 ドローダウン Pips トレーディング レバレッジ タイプ
Horus 7.98% 3.93% 2312.4 自動化された 1:30 デモ
Leopard 13.69% 6.54% 3443.5 自動化された 1:30 デモ
Snake 8.21% 43.12% 33034.0 自動化された 1:30 デモ
Nephthys 25.72% 8.94% 14210115.8 自動化された 1:30 デモ
PythonLive 93.15% 37.01% 1135523.7 自動化された 1:30 リアル
Alligator 67.20% 36.52% 940422.1 自動化された 1:30 デモ