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FX Odyssey PAMM


Tried several trading strategies, signal providers, EAs, Robots and Manual Trading.

Eventually babypips, personal coaching and mentoring helped. Now happy to be successfully trading own as well as investor funds for the last 1 year.

You are welcome to invest in FX Odyssey PAMM and share the benefit of experience combined with skill.

The goal is 100% return on investment, Yearly.

If you like to invest, go to

and click on invest

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Exclusive Advantages to Investors:
- Excellent Investor Service
- High Return on Investment + 6% Annual Interest
- You can Order Profit (Rollover) any number of times
- Low Risk Investment Portfolio - Max Risk is 5%
- Steady and Continuous Growth of the fund

Long Term( 1 Year ) Technofundamental Analysis and low risk trading. Strict Money Management principles are applied

Trade Forex, Change the World

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損益 ドローダウン Pips トレーディング レバレッジ タイプ
FXCM€ 3.29% 1.72% 3819.0 手動 1:100 リアル
FXOpen 135.20% 53.21% 13430.4 混合 1:500 リアル
FxOpen-MJ 613.42% 74.72% 10042.1 手動 1:500 リアル
PA3 -38.84% 73.96% 1254339.7 手動 1:500 リアル
BREAKOUT -7.28% 8.25% -641.6 手動 1:500 リアル