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Beware of Vantage PAMM account Manager user name is “Steady Growth” he’s amateur trader under Kaltoire Group on myfxbook. He’s big scammer runs a fraudulent PAMM scheme with Vantage. I invested 1800$ on 8th April but today the balance is 55$. He blocked me from all over telegram signal groups and deleted our chats. But I have all the evidences. I knew there would be some trading loses but not in 4 days risking all funds. He promises you that your account will be safe because he will use proper money management with 20% drawdowns. But he will trade aggressively open tons of trades which goes against your favour. He also promises you that if things goes bad he will send your funds through wallet. But he will be vanished. Contact me if you need any evidence, I’m happy to share my experience.


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We are pretty happy with Vantage and are running our Smash Fund pamm with them.
You can see our portfolio with them when you click our profile
Steady and solid wins the race!
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hondagan2020 posted:
 I am Looking for experience trader to co operate , any 1 can recommend .


Try us
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Очень хорошая компания. Подходит для моего стиля торговли. Я скальпер, работаю на таймфрейме m5. Нравятся их низкие спреды от 0.0 пункта – рыночные! За счет них я и выживаю. На ликвидность вообще не жалуюсь – сделки закрываются также быстро, как и открываются.
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It's actually MAM system, not PAMM. We have several MAM accounts started under MXT Global but after merging it became Vantage FX. Our traders are commonly satisfied with it. MAM platform is clear, execution is good, new clients adding procedure is simple but LPOA form signed by the client is necessary.
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iam ib for vantagefx since 2 years but have no single client with them so i cannot make a rating
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