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Broker account manager mentoring

Matt Yates (yates181)
Sep 06 2018 at 07:17
3 комментариев
My broker account manager has been in contact regarding eligable mentoring that I currenty do not take. He said its free to which makes me feel its a bit sketchy, Ive learnt nothing in life is free!
has anyone used their brokers account managers for mentoring and what are your experiances?
Sep 07 2018 at 09:52
10 комментариев
Broker's account managers do not help clients to trade without his/her knowledge, but if clients are willing to accept their guidance or recommendations (signals, or signal providers) then they should be well aware of the risk. Since your account manager offered to guide you along the way, perhaps it is out of his/her good intentions to help you get familiar in this forex industry so you will be loyal to them as their client and not leave them. You can try and see if you're comfortable with his/her guidance and if it goes well with your trading strategy.
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