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Is silver over its decline? What is the impact on gold?

jinchenghao (jinchenghao)
Feb 03 at 11:54
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In the past three weeks, my trading situation was pretty good. Gold started a shock correction after reaching the high point of 1959. During this period, my suggestions were mainly empty orders,.

At present, the basic situation of gold has not changed, and it is relatively easy to operate. You can intervene according to your own situation.

In addition to gold, silver is also hot this week!

One of the most famous scenes is the silver jump open $2 on Monday? Silver fluctuates by US $2, which is equivalent to US $100 of gold. For example, if you only make more than one order, if you increase by US $2, you will make a profit of US $10000, otherwise you will lose us $10000.)

It's necessary to tell you about Morgan. We all know that he has accumulated half of the physical silver in circulation in the global market, with a conservative estimate of more than 500 million ounces. In 2008, he picked up Bear Stearns again, making him the largest owner of physical silver in the world, and also the largest short seller.

His way is to keep down the price of silver futures, and then continue to buy spot. The cost of silver in Morgan's hands is about $20 an ounce, and other costs may add up to about $22 / ounce.

So, here, I would like to tell you a logic: what JPMorgan hopes most is to influence the futures price through the physical silver in hand, and then suppress the physical price through the futures price.

If the bulls are just for speculation, then the price will fall under the pressure of huge empty orders, and finally the situation of 'empty forcing more' will be formed. When the price falls to a satisfactory position, the makers flatten the short order and make profit. The loss of spot loss can be made up by the profit of the short order.

Bear market, true or false 'hedging', both to protect the spot, but also by the way out of the long opponent set, this move is very easy to use!

We all know that silver is of great industrial use. A large amount of silver is hoarded, which is bound to lead to an imbalance between supply and demand. The price itself will create investment demand, which is the simplest fluctuation logic.

This is a new realm of market manipulation. If the hunter brothers and Bear Stearns had done so well, the outcome would not have been so bad.

Therefore, we come to a rough conclusion that it is most profitable for Morgan to make a big range shock. If it is unilateral, Morgan is not very cost-effective.

It's no surprise that silver broke through 30 this time. What about gold? As early as last July, it reached a record high of 1920.

From reddit that WSB is ready to buy silver, Infernal Affairs story began..
Silver in the long run, I insist on bullish, even if the future fell to $22 , will choose to buy without hesitation and hold for a long time.

In my opinion, the ratio of gold and silver in the future between 35 and 55 is reasonable. (currently 66)
On the whole, I'm satisfied with the gold trading in the past three weeks, and I've shared my ideas in the previous article. 1875-1830. No matter where the breakthrough is going, as long as the breakthrough is made, the rate will probably increase or decrease by 15-20 US dollars.
purchasing power of the US dollar has stopped falling. All the current gold fundamentals have not changed. If I can give it above 1870, I will still put in the central line empty orders!

Mar 05 at 04:21
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Well, we will just have to see what is next with gold and silver, right? Anyway, thanks for the insight.

Mar 16 at 04:45
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Thanks for posting such insight on gold and silver. This is very useful.

Mar 24 at 12:07
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Thanks for sharing your valuable input on gold and silver. This is very useful information.

Jun 18 at 06:02
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Basically markets run on the principles of supply and demand because it is important to understand that no matter how complex the markets get, the companies only run when they themselves have some cash flow.

Jun 23 at 11:00
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Thank you so much for discussing Silver and Gold. But I think we should wait for now.

Nov 27 at 15:15
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I personally don't think that silver is over its decline. It's just a normal correction which every asset can face. Silver is a pretty stable asset as well as gold, and if we want to forecast the further price movement we have to use either technical analysis or fundamental one. If you can trade on news, you also can use this method, but it is tightly connected to fundamental analysis actually.
In my opinion, if we look at the graphic, we can notice that silver now is in flat, the rest we have to do is to determine whether there will be a strong impulse or not, and what direction. Actually, for long distances we have to rely on fundamental analysis as i know.

Nov 27 at 17:02
497 комментариев
Gold is an eternal metal. It is even worth looking at the price chart, which has not changed too much for a long time.

Nov 28 at 08:05
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johnsonfiff posted:
Well, we will just have to see what is next with gold and silver, right? Anyway, thanks for the insight.

I have the same opinion, it would not be right to make a decision in this situation like the current market situation.

Nov 28 at 08:41
363 комментариев
It seems to me that gold is simply more stable and the price rarely changes.

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