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looking for port funding

Correlation King (kadomz31)
Jun 03 2018 at 08:27
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hi guys..been tradiing for 2 years now in forex and i have suffered big loss in trading forex in my newbie days but i never give up my dreams. and now all that hardship and sacrifices bear fruits and this is my result for 2 weeks demo trading (see attached files). same result in live account with low equity. I quit my job on May 16, 2018 and started demo trading on May 17, 2018 and reviving my small port account...the question is 'how i am able to increase my portfolio without sacrificing my family savings account?'


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McLeonis (McLeonis)
Jun 03 2018 at 12:16
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2 weeks in demo trading is not enough to go live account my friend.
As i see you are a day trader - scalping. So technically, you need at least 6 months or 5000 trades just prove your system might works.
Don't overconfident, keep calm and trading demo. Some traders even burn account in year 3 and lost all.
If you too hustle and want to trade live account, put in $100-200 and see how it works in 6 months. If it works add more slowly $1000-2000-5000-10000...
You must managing risk, with scalping i think max risk per trade must be 1%.
Time will answer, good luck !!
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profitfarmer (profitfarmer)
Jun 04 2018 at 05:52
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frankly, something you supposed to figure before quit your job, and jump in full time (demo!) trading!

especially when comes to scalping, demovs live can be a hard awakening.
slippage on 30k is an issue live, vs 3k, and not to mention a demo where slippage is virtually non existent.

start relative small, but big enough that if things as expected you are able to make a living from your profit.

ie. you had made about 150% gain on demo...
this can be great if done on 5k+ live
it can be meager if done on 200$ and want to live on.

best of luck!
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