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MT4 EA that monitors trades based around magic number/comment

stevetrade (stevetrade)
Mar 04 2020 at 09:57
1408 комментариев
I'm looking for an EA that will monitor my open trades and based on percentage drawdown for certain magic numbers/comments will then close out positions for all the trades with that magic number/comment.

Anyone know of anything already available on the market please?
Best regards Steve

11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature. 2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. 3. If you graph these numbers, patterns emerge. Therefore: There are patterns everywhere in nature.
CrazyTrader (CrazyTrader)
Mar 04 2020 at 10:22
1718 комментариев
It does probably exist.
However it can be coded quickly.

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