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tradeview forex ,The best spread broker at this moment ?

Jun 25 2016 at 02:38
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Hi brothers,
I keep eyes on brokers spread on all pairs at https://www.myfxbook.com/forex-broker-spreads
for last few weeks .( to me the low spread brokers is the most important factor for you to make money ) .
Have good skill to trade is not enough ,at the end the commission and spread surely will wipe out all your profit .
Shockingly I found one unknown broker name www.tradeviewforex.com has the best spread on all pairs even toxic pairs .
I search the review on internet ,seems very unknown broker , they said they are the first one install new technology to large number of liquid providers .
the spread is unbelievable low ( lower than interactive brokers , lower than dukascopy , lower than all other brokers ) .
I am confident I can make nice profit with this low spread ,
my question is how the little broker this this one with not many clients can offer that low spread ? is there any chance of scam ?
sound too good to be true .I am afraid they fish us to get in then kill us .
please take a look and give the traders the comment about this broker .
who knows maybe it is new revolution or new raising star broker or may be big scam .
Jun 26 2016 at 06:55
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hi buddy tradeview broker its very nice and u go without anyproblem they are caymland and bank was uk london i am trade them and nevre evere have issue withdwal so far they are best but problme fees high deposit and withdwal...this i dnt like ..
Jun 26 2016 at 12:38
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Why are the prices moving between just 4 prices at a set time? Why are the prices moving at all on a Sunday 8.5 hours pre-opening on their website? The prices is also way off quote compare to say the Pepperstone prices (they quote a price over 103 for USDJPY, it's 102.169/102.35 at closing) or fxopen (102.198/102.307), This is so obviously fake it raises a red alert here. Their GBPUSD quote are almost 600 pip off.
Jul 26 2016 at 18:43
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Tombuontien certainly low spread is very important issue and indeed a very attractive factor that allows you to put in your pocket more money unless using another broker with higher spread, but it is this the cunning trick. Brokers using low spread as a bait. I would recommend to take this step very seriously because as experience shows brokers eventually take its toll
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