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WHO trades forex for more than 10 years and keeps making regular profits

Jan 20 2022 at 20:32
22 комментариев
There are plenty of such traders basically. I met such ones and they really make profits, despite the fact that they're in trading for more than 6 years. Of course, its' required to be patient in order to stay for so long, but the most inetresting thing is that they stil learn new things. Market and trading change daily, that's why something new appears daily. I believe that if you will be patient and you will have goals which you understand that you can't reach within a day or week, long-lasting objective I mean, then perhaps you will be able to stay in trading for more than ten years I bet. The main here is to never give up and always strive for your objectives.
Jan 27 2022 at 05:52
38 комментариев
@S PALMER Making profits since 2012, that’s incredible! Would you mind sharing the trading techniques you’ve implemented to get consistent profits?
Feb 06 2022 at 01:34
869 комментариев
Keeping a trading diary can help you understand where your potential problems are if you plan your trading and keep track of your wins and losses.
Jan 16 at 17:06
87 комментариев
Still trading after 12 years. Same system, always improving. Bounced back stronger after a hiatus to regroup and improve during the pandemic years. Better than ever now.
Jan 17 at 14:59
165 комментариев
For now my trading experience is more then 3 years. But I really hope to trade. I hope I will be profitable even 5 years later. I believe it will so.
Think thrice before opening an order
Jan 21 at 23:13
48 комментариев
i trade since 2012
this is my new strategy
Jan 23 at 20:00
91 комментариев
Trading on and off over 10 years with the day job, profitable the last 2.
Jan 25 at 05:57
20 комментариев
I have been in this for about 12 years.
Jan 26 at 18:48
165 комментариев
cedtrading posted:
i trade since 2012
this is my new strategy

How is it going? Did you blow your account? Or you trade profitable each year without great losses?
Think thrice before opening an order
Mar 06 at 12:38
87 комментариев
Interested in this too. Happy to discuss how I've worked over the years. Low DD good ROI.
Smash Fund Fx (Smashfx)
Mar 06 at 12:56
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Hi All,

I am a professional fund manager. For some time now we have been running a few managed funds with various brokers. See my profile for our results. Our accounts are traded both automatically and manually.

Kind Regards,
Apr 25 at 22:26
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togr posted:
It is easy to say:
after 20 years now I'm constantly profitable

Without sharing any results here on MFB.
Anyone can say I am trading xxx years and I am profitable.

I can say I am profitable since 2010, yet my oldest account is not published as broker is gone.
Still have 5 years old profitable account [published here] which I still trade
mas em qual ativo você costuma fazer operações pode dar algumas orientações??
but in which asset you usually make operations can you give some guidance??
Apr 25 at 22:30
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Prakon posted:
Does successful use of a grid strategy focus more on risk management than any chart patterns etc? I always though grid was a dangerous strategy to use but I have head of a few people using it successfully now

Mas como funciona a estratégia?? estou a 3 anos e ainda não tenho consistência de ganhos, da ate um desanimo de continuar.
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