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Alpari (UK) Limited (in special administration) - Payment confirmation

Jun 01 2017 at 14:56
297 комментариев
Finally we got are money back from alpari. only waited for 2 like years

Dear Sir/Madam
Alpari (UK) Limited (in special administration) (the 'Company')
Please note that, pursuant to the notice on the Joint Special Administrators' website on 31 May 2017, a second and final client money distribution ('Final Client Money Distribution') of 27.0 cents in the $ (USD) (rounded) has been declared, taking total distributions from the client money pool to 82.0 cents in the $ (rounded to one decimal place). Please note that you were eligible to receive this distribution and a payment has subsequently been made into your ETX Capital account

result ))
Jun 02 2017 at 09:33
718 комментариев
Nice to know that! But I never used their live trading service! By the way, many traders suffered a lot as like you! Whatever, broker selection is very important issue! In addition, I don’t support to rely on any specific trading broker, and late withdrawal is always irritating!
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