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Jan 10 at 19:44
318 сообщений
Every new trader should practice properly before entering into the real market. The best way to learn forex properly is the demo account. almost every trader starts their career from a demo account.

Jan 12 at 15:32
16 сообщений
'Basic knowledge in forex would only be useful in the demo account, to start live trading a trader should have a strategy in mind and a risk management plan.

There will be no profit just by trading with basic knowledge, which is why most beginners fail in forex.'

Jan 21 at 09:40
30 сообщений
Yeah, I really don’t understand why people do that. I can never look at forex as gambling. It requires so much knowledge and skills.

Jan 21 at 10:46
88 сообщений
There is a general understanding of what the forex market is and how it works, but this is not enough for trading, you need to go deep and study in many details.

Jan 21 at 11:05
897 сообщений
investment is not a big deal in Forex trading, the main deal is to keep survive successfully in there , because most of the traders become loser from this trading place.

Jan 25 at 12:10
42 сообщений
Basic knowledge helps you to understand the gateway of the market, with time you need to update yourself which pair is performing better and how the real financial health of the respective economies. I prefer to analyze the pairs before trading. Only your intellect will help you to survive.

Jan 28 at 09:47
48 сообщений
Yes, Absolutely right!
For successful and stable trading only basic knowledge is not enough. Trader must have real trading experience to understand how the market works and how to pull wealth from it.

Feb 02 at 11:07
278 сообщений
If you do some research you will find that there are good and free ebooks that can really help a newbie trader with the basics of forex trading. Website tutorials is what most traders seem to prefer as their source of knowledge but there are alternative available like these forex books if you can afford to get one.

Feb 02 at 12:13
284 сообщений
There are lot of learning sources in the internet. But I think YouTube is the best sources to learn trading.

Feb 02 at 13:05
709 сообщений
leverage is an important financial tool which an investor should consider when choosing a broker.
 i always trade with low leverage to avoid unfortunate risk and losses.

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