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By trading we can make

Jan 26 at 20:37
164 сообщений
True. Only the fake marketers are pretending it to be a get rich quick scheme.

Feb 19 at 11:44
9 сообщений
Yes it is all a combination of knowledge, learning and hard work, in my opinion.

Feb 20 at 05:39
102 сообщений
By trading, one can achieve heights of success, not only financially but also become more disciplined and planned. But all this is only possible, if the trader takes this field seriously, gives it his 100%, works with patience and aims for realistic goals.

Louis111222333 (Louis111222333)
Feb 23 at 10:50
10 сообщений
Forex trading should be seen as a job. And as in any business, if you do your job well, if you are an expert in your field, you get a good salary for your work and knowledge. Therefore, there is no limit to perfection.

Mar 16 at 11:13
25 сообщений
Knowledge and skills are very important in trading and every trader should have the basics cleared before beginning.

Mar 16 at 14:31
48 сообщений
You need to know what you are doing before you go live. This could take months, or maybe years.

Mar 25 at 05:28
11 сообщений
Yes, it is very difficult to make money in forex at the beginning but if you keep working hard every day, things might be different.

Mar 25 at 11:08
101 сообщений
For newbie all they need is to acquire knowledge as much as they can. Without knowledge and skills it's not possible to make consistent profit. They should invest time in learning.

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