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Mar 09 at 13:49
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Choose a suitable pair according to your time frame because every pair has a level of movements daily, and using the correct time frame can give a trader the very best opportunity to profit from the market.

Mar 11 at 09:04
35 комментариев
EUR/USD is my favourite pair and I am glued to this pair only since long.

Mar 12 at 06:39
364 комментариев
In my opinion , major currencies like EUR, USD, JPY, GBP etc can be a few to keep in mind while trading for profit. Others currencies are also good but I think these pairs can be high riskier and less liquid too.

Mar 12 at 07:10
615 комментариев
from all trading pair i like most major , because its safe and sounds to me than others.

Mar 12 at 10:56
23 комментариев
Imamul posted:
from all trading pair i like most major , because its safe and sounds to me than others.

Same here mate. Majors are the best.

Mar 13 at 17:20
135 комментариев
LyudmilLukanov posted:
Major pairs are best to trade especially for new traders in my opinion.

Completely agree. :)

Mar 13 at 18:18
330 комментариев
Demo accounts are an essential part of learning to trade. Every beginner trader should do demo trading for at least 5 months. Demo trading is a must to gain basic knowledge. If you want to develop skills, you have to do demo trading.

Mar 29 at 07:01
90 комментариев
To be honest, it was quite difficult to choose certain pairs for trading, because each pair has its own peculiarity.

Mar 29 at 11:57
292 комментариев
Most newbie traders usually trade a lot of pairs but to me that's not an ideal way to trade. Every currency pair has its own movement patterns. If one can understand that it becomes easier to trade. So it good to choose few pairs.

Mar 29 at 13:51
589 комментариев
It needs a lot of experiment to find a suitable pair. Most new traders do few months of demo and they think they get the edge. But it is not true. When they start trading live they lose money due to lack of experience.

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