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Jan 29 at 11:00
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Mikehamilton posted:
@Georgegiffen43 No knowledge of strategies can be a genuine reason for all the beginners out there. Or, maybe their strategies are not working. One should be careful about getting a transparent broker so that they can keep up with the market with real time data and fair prices. Like, I analyze all the trading market fluctuations and price movements through etoro and fxview. That’s why I don’t end up making wrong decisions and end up investing where I can get profits. I think beginners should research before entering the trading market.

No doubt that research is needed: be it for finding a broker, strategy to use, technical analysis, etc.

Jan 31 at 13:18
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Without enough skills and experience, it's normal to lose money and get scared. Whether new or old, we are bound to lose money if we don't understand the market and follow discipline.

Feb 08 at 10:37
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You are right. These are some very common mistakes traders tend to make while trading.

Feb 08 at 11:26
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you have done lot of information on this post,  got some fine lines. thanks again for nice post. 

Feb 08 at 12:25
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According to me, the biggest mistake a trader makes is not using stop loss.

Mar 09 at 10:29
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Overtrading and trading with lots of emotions are among the common mistakes that traders make. You are right to point that out.

Mar 09 at 11:25
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Yes, these are the most common mistakes that new and some advanced traders tend to make.

Mar 13 at 13:04
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Most people believe that the more complicated a strategy the better it is. They get impressed by colorful charts and think wow this must be something awesome.

Mar 13 at 18:24
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It is very interesting but we need to maintain the risk and avoid the volatile market.

Mar 14 at 07:57
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It can be . it is great difficult to make profit by pin bar strategy for the beginners . as a newcomer that’s why now I am comfortable with scalping that brings profit in a short time than others trading techniques.

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